Travels with Peg & Keith Wheeler & Family

Peg and Keith Wheeler & their family like to travel ... and they like to share their trip experiences and photographs.  Here are are some of their travel pictures. (Some day we will get around to scanning & uploading more of our pre-digital camera photos.)

~~~ Photo Albums ~~~ 

(hopefully always under construction)



Keith's US Navy Midshipman Summer Cruise - Atlantic - Oslo, Norway - Stockholm, Sweden - Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. 



Layovers on 1961 trip home: THAILAND Pt.1 - ThaiPt.2 ; INDIA.

Feb 1987

Mexico - Keith visits friend Ted Rose & Project Amigo in west central Mexico.
August 1990 Canada - A day visit to the city of Victoria, British Columbia, and a few days in the Canadian Rockies, British Columbia & Alberta.
April  1995 Mexico - Peg & Keith visit Guadalajara and the state of Colima at Easter time. (1 sample) (Album constructed in 2011)
July 1998 Thailand - Bangkok and vicinity. 1, 2 & 3 (for samplers)
Jul-Aug 1999 Iowa:    1. Norwegian-American Bygdelag Centennial Photos
      2. Pottawattamie County/Wheelers Grove Photos
Nov. 1999 Peg's JAPAN trip photo albums.
Jun-Jul 2000  Norway - "The trip of a lifetime" - One month visiting Oslo, Flåm, Balestrand, Bergen, Haugesund, Stavanger & many places in Rogaland fylke.
May 2001 San Francisco Bay Area Norway Days Festival 2001, San Mateo, California.  
August 2001 A weekend drive up the southern Oregon coast.  Most photos from the Bandon, Oregon, area.
Nov.  2001 We have the opportunity to show Humboldt County REDWOODS to a traveler from Norway, Knut from Odda.
Dec. 2001  Norway - Winter Norway Trip - Rogaland area & Slogvik Farm Christmas.
May 2002 San Francisco Bay Area Norway Days Festival 2002, San Mateo, California.
June 2002 Scandinavian Midsummer Festival, Ferndale, California
July 2002 The Slogviks from Norway come to visit Peg & Keith in California. We accompany them on visits & tours in northern California, Washington, northern Idaho, the Oregon Coast.
Aug. 2002 Peg visits New York City and New Jersey.
Sept. 2002 Keith & son Patrick visit Lebanon (with Amsterdam stopovers)
Feb. 2003  Peg & Keith make a quick 1 week visit to southwest Norway.
May 2003 Keith goes to San Francisco Norway Day Festival 2003. 
Jul.-Sept. 2003 Peg & Keith go to Thailand for 3 months & also visit Cambodia, Burma, Laos & Malaysia.
May-Aug 2004 Peg spends summer in Norway with short visits to England, Paris & Ireland.

 Oct. 2004

  New Zealand Trip - October 2004

Peg & Keith visit New Zealand to tour & attend son's wedding.

Nov. 2005

Dubai & Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (see 1960-61 above)


Dec-Jan 2005-6


Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico - didn't make Panama  

Sep-Nov 2007

Peg & Keith spend 5 weeks in Europe - , , , , , ,

Sep-Oct 2008

Keith goes to WI & IL for Norwegian immigrant research

Nov 2008-Mar'09


Peg & Keith spend winter in Southeast Asia

   --- Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia


June 2009 Keith's 55th year Class Reunion: Pizza Night & Banquet - Corning, California
July 2009 Peg & Keith travel to southern Calif. for her 50th year Class Reunion
Nov 2011

Mexico in November 2011- Index to Picasa Web Photo Albums (latest trip)

Sep-Oct 2014 Peg & Keith's 5 weeks+ in Europe Mostly Namur, Belgium, with visits to Brest & other parts of France + 1 day in the Netherlands + ?

You are also invited to visit Keith's "Slooper" travel pages on the web site.



Peg's 1999 FMF Japan Trip

Peg & Keith's Norway Trip 2000

Peg & Keith's Dec. 2001 Norway Trip

Peg & Keith's Summer in Thailand 2003

World Travels with Patrick

Patrick & Karen visit Molokai, Hawaii, again July 2002

Patrick's video clips of San Francisco Aloha Festival Aug 2002

Patrick & Keith visit Lebanon 2002 !

Patrick & Karen visit Gerstle Cove, Salt Point State Park, CA - May 2003

Patrick & Karen's vacation at Tokoriki, Fiji Jan. 2005

Patrick & Karen visit Brussels, Belgium & Paris, France - Dec. 2005 - then:

Patrick, Karen & grandcats move to Brussels, Belgium, 2006-today - Nov. 2006


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