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    This album features highlights of 29 rolls of film taken during 3 weeks in Japan in November, 1999.  Fortunately, more photos "turned out" than expected, so there are some really great ones.  Unfortunately, that meant I had to make some tough choices as I couldn't post them all. It is my hope that these pictures fairly represent the wonderful county and its people, and that what I experienced, can somehow be shared through these images.                     . . . Peggy Wheeler 
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FMF Tokyo Orientation
Tokyo on our own
Tokyo Fish Market
Tokyo Religious Sites
Arriving Shikoku & Niihama
Niihama City
Science Museum and Beshi Copper Mine
Kinei Elementary School
Kawahigashi Junior High School
Niihama Nishi High School
Ehime University
Elementary School Art
Children's Art Show Part 1
Children's Art Show Part 2
Zen Temple & Shinto Shrine, Niihama
Homestay - Part 1
Homestay - Part 2
Taiko Drumming
Wrap-ups & Goodbyes in Tokyo
Interesting Japanese Buildings

A very special thank you to my husband for his patient scanning and uploading.

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