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On the evening of Saturday, June 20, 2009, many classmates, spouses, friends and 2 teachers gathered at the City Gates Restaurant banquet room in Orland for another fun evening of socializing, renewing and updating friendships.  Most of the photos presented below are in the order they were taken by Peg and Keith Wheeler.  Only a couple of photos that did not turn out well were omitted.  Not all individuals are identified and usually only the first names are given.  I think most of us viewing this photo collection can recognize those pictured.  If you have any comments, corrections or suggestions for additions, please contact Keith.   CLICK HERE to visit the album of the 1st night at Round Table Pizza in Corning.  Sorry, we took no photos of the Sunday morning breakfast gathering at Corning's Iron Skillet restaurant.

Note that the last 2 thumbnails of the 42 just below are linked to "mvi" Video Clips and may not play automatically in some browsers, or with some "blocking" settings.  A couple of "Extra" images are linked to the larger thumbnails at the very bottom.  

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Extra Class photos (click to enlarge)

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1941-42 -- Corning Elementary School Kindergarten class - Miss Fleming teacher. The 9 identified students continued on in the Corning school system to graduate from high school in 1954. (See more elementary class photos.)


The 1954 graduating class from Corning Union High School, Corning, Tehama County, California, scanned from the yearbook. (It seems like there might have been a few missing from this photo..?)

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