Corning Elementary School Class Photos

It was the 1940's in the small northern California town of Corning - a small group of children started school just before the US entered World War II.  Many of the students entering Corning Kindergarten in the fall of 1941 would continue through this Corning school together - and even through Corning High School.  Many of them would maintain contact over the 55 years since graduating from the 8th grade.  Keith Wheeler was one member of this group.  Here are presented class photos from these years.  Some show defects and damage from many years of storage.  

1941-42 -- Kindergarten

Miss Fleming teacher.

1942-43 -- 1st Grade

Miss Smith/Mrs. Cole teachers

(Miss Smith joined the Waves)

1943-44 -- 2nd Grade

Miss Dorgan teacher

1944-45 -- 3rd Grade

Mrs. McPhaill teacher

1945-46 -- 4th Grade

Mrs. Scarbrough teacher

1946-47 -- 5th Grade

Mrs. Rinehart teacher

1947-48 -- 6th Grade

Mrs. Rice teacher

Individual student photos from Mrs. Rice's 6th Grade

1948-49 -- 7th Grade

Mrs. Hurd/Mr. Smith teachers

1949-50 -- 8th Grade

Mr. Mapes (R)/Mr. Smith (L) teachers

Many 8th grade students signed the back of Keith's class photo. (Click Here for transcription)

1946-47 -- "Traffic Patrol Boys"

Boys selected from 5th-8th grades

(Click Here for current status of identifying those pictured. Can you help?)




Corning Elementary School, March 23, 1949

Three segments of 8"x27.5" panorama photo of entire school (K-8) taken on northeast corner of school grounds - teachers & classified staff back row center

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