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        Peg Wheeler and Ann Mary Mullane met in Nov. 1999 while on a Fulbright Memorial Fund teacher's tour of Japan.  Last year (2001), Ann Mary visited Peg in Mad River and played "West Coast Country Mouse."  In return, Peg agreed to visit the east coast this year (2002).  The Mullanes were extremely hospitable and generous showing Peg many special experiences she'd have seen no other way.  Their breadth of knowledge regarding the city was truly outstanding.  As amusing as the Ruth Rodeo was, it did not begin to compare with ushering a Broadway musical.


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New York photos - Vol. 1

New York photos - Vol. 2

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From the Redwood forest in northwest California (Aug. 01) ...

Ann Mary's California visit

... to the Brooklyn Bridge in lower Manhattan, New York.

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