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Our first visit to Tokoriki (official site) in Fiji was less than two weeks after the September 11th 2001 World Trade Center events and all our photographs were scanned by enough X-rays to be totally destroyed.  On our second trip I brought along a digital camera to be able to record a few memories of the magical and entrancing location (OK, maybe I got carried away with some of the underwater pictures...)

After our utterly disastrous attempt to visit the Plantation Beach Resort in Roatan Honduras in 2004, we decided that in order to utterly ensure we had a magical experience and return to Tokoriki in the Mamanuca Islands off the coast of Nadi, Fiji.  This little island is home to a single resort (at least for the time being) the Tokoriki Island Resort that can best be described as a 'couples' destination.  Most of the guests are couples, young or not, getting married, celebrating their honeymoon, celebrating a wedding anniversary, or just getting away from it all to spend time together.  

There are basically three ways we know of the get to Tokoriki and we have tried all three:
The first is by boat.  They have a modern shuttle boat that makes the trip much easier than our first trip which involved a long ferry ride and a transfer to a tiny outboard for a long tortuous kidney crunching trip to three of four other islands before finally depositing us at Tokoriki.  Now the boats are almost direct and are much larger and more spacious and comfortable.

The second is by helicopter.  This can be terribly convenient if you get a day room on Ndai Fiji which is almost a pre-requisite when flying in from the US due to the horribly time of arrivals and departures in the middle of the night.

The third, and our personal favorite, is via seaplane.  The one regret I have is that we have not yet made the trip via the Pacific Seaplane DQ-GEE old radial engined aircraft.   I simply love seeing and hearing it set down and take off inside the reef and the sound of that massive radial engine spinning up reminds me of all the old movies and magic associated with the South Pacific...and speaking of movies, we have one of the plane taking off (turn your sound up!)

Our favorite activity is to snorkel and dive.  Dive Tropex are some great people who do a fabulous job taking people diving, teaching and certifying people, resort dives, deep sea fishing as well as reintroducing the giant clam and protecting the exciting new discovery of blue coral in Fiji.  Having had poor experiences with scuba lessons in the States, we would really recommend to anyone to go here instead, they are very friendly, supportive, and make it a real pleasure!

When it came to snorkeling we tried it all, from the reef, from a boat, from a guided trip.  Our absolute favorite was to get a set of kayak paddles from the boathouse at the end of the day, wake up early  in the morning (we are naturally early risers) and paddle out before the break of dawn.  As you reached the North tip of the island the sunrise would become visible and we would turn into the sunrise and watch the reef come alive below us.  After paddling almost around  the island we would reach the South Easter tip of the island where an old Tongan fortification once stood.  Here we would done our gear, drop in the water, tie the kayak and paddles to our waists and start snorkeling for two or three hours.  By the time we had done the entire southern tip of the island, it was back into the kayak for a quick surf home, cleanup and off to breakfast!

We were lucky enough to be visiting during the summer time ...




All photographs by Patrick Wheeler
Canon Powershot S400 Digital Elph
WP-DC800 Waterproof Case

Please contact if you would like higher resolution copies of any of the photographs

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