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     In the summer of 2000, we, Peggy and Keith, took our "Trip of a Lifetime"   --- traveling from our home in northwestern California to Norway where we spent a most eventful and delightful month.  We visited Oslo, Flåm, Balestrand, Bergen, Haugesund and Stavanger, spending most time in the Stavanger/Rogaland fylke area.  We had such a marvelous time, we wanted to share this experience.  Presented here is probably more than anyone would ever want to read and see about someone else's travels.  However, we hope you can browse through our pages and find parts that are of interest to you. 

BACKGROUND - Check out these pages for the reasons, background and arrangements for this trip.  Our initial Itinerary is also given here.

MAPS - These maps should give you a rough idea of the areas we visited in Norway, plus links to other on-line maps.  Updated Oct. 2001.

TRAVEL REPORTS - Here we present 19 installments of travelogue, giving the details, impressions and a few photos of our trip.  The 20th installment (yet to be written) will be an epilog, correcting some of our mistakes, adding things left out in previous reports, and after thoughts.  This might be a bit much and more than you ever wanted to read about someone else's travels.  However, take a look at the Index Page to browse for installments that might interest you.

PHOTO ALBUM - We took many photographs with both a digital and a 35 mm camera.  We present most of them here in chronological groupings in both thumbnail and larger sizes.  Hopefully they are grouped and labeled in a fashion that corresponds to our travel reports so that you can follow our trip in more detail.  A few of these photographs were taken by others and we hope that we have given them proper credit. New photos added Nov. 2001

NORWEGIAN NEWSPAPER ARTICLES - Here are presented scanned and on-line newspaper articles and photographs relevant to our visit.  Of course the text is in Norwegian.  One article was quickly translated by our dear friend Rotraud Slogvik.  The 2 Tysvær Bygdeblad articles have been translated and added April 27, 2002; English translation of theStavanger Aftenblad "incorrect flag" article, plus photo, added Apr. 30, 2002.

KEITH'S SLOOPER ANCESTORS - Keith is quite proud of four of his ancestors who came to America in 1825 aboard the Norwegian sloop "Restaurationen" (Restoration) which has been called the "Norwegian Mayflower."  Here you will find a summary of the "Slooper" story and more information about Keith's Norwegian ancestors.

SUMMER 1999 TRIP TO IOWA - The write-up and a few photos from our trip to Decorah, Iowa, for the Norwegian-American Bygdelag Centennial and to Pottawattamie County to search for more ancestor information. -- Bygdelag photos recently added - Oct. 2001 --

LINKS, BOOKS, RESOURCES, ETC. - Here are some of our favorite and recommended Norwegian & "Slooper" Internet links.  Also given here are some recommended books and other sources of relevant information.

OTHER FAMILY PAGES - Updated Mar. 2002 - Not all of these pages are related to our Norway trip, but several are related to our family connection to Norway.  In addition, they include our most current genealogy sites, Peggy's school based web site and her Japan trip pages.  Also is a link for photos from some of our travels to other areas like Mexico, Canada, Thailand and "God Know Where"… ?  Keith also hopes to build a web page around his fantasy of someday having some sort of memorial at the grave site of his Norwegian great great grandparents, Jacob & Serena, at the Napa Cemetery - this to commemorate the fact that they were "Slooper" pioneers and settled farther west than any of those other early Norwegian immigrants.  Or check out our Wheeler Family Start Page at:


Check out our Christmas 2001in Norway Pages. 

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