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  Peg & Keith's December 2001 Christmas in Norway Trip 

  Peg & Keith's February 2003 Norway Trip

    "Slooper Monument Project" - Keith's project to obtain some sort of Slooper memorial at the graves of Jacob Anderson Slogvig and his wife Serena Tormodsdatter Madland, Tulocay Cemetery, Napa California - The Sloopers who settled farther west than any of the others on the "Norwegian Mayflower," the Sloop Restoration.

    Sloop "Restoration" Page - plus Album of Sloop Images

  New Norway Information Uploaded after our Dec. 2001 Norway Trip

  Keith's "Some Thoughts on Being a California Slooper"

   Photos related to Keith's Slooper Ancestors & Their Descendants.

   Keith’s genealogy site (updated): http://wheelerfolk.org/keithgen/index.htm

    Farm Names listing from Keith's Bygdebøker (local history books):

          Tysvær (7 volumes)

          Gjestal (Gjesdal) (Arneson's 1939 book)

          Vats, Vindafjord (Soga om Vats, 1984)

       ["Lookups" in these books by request.]


   Our family's Norwegian Sweater Collection photo album.

   Keith’s "Slooper" page on the Rogalandslag web site (needs corrections  and update):   http://www.rogalandslag.org/wheeler.htm

   Keith’s Wagon Wheel article: "Some History of the Wheeler Family and Their Corning Plumbing Shop" Remembrances of Andrew Wheeler, Claire Wheeler Johnson and Jim Holland as compiled by Keith Wheeler, June 29, 1998.

          Photos to accompany Keith’s Wagon Wheel article.

   Peg’s School Web Site: http://www.wheelerfolk.org/stweb/index~1update.htm

   Peg’s Learning in Japan Nov. 1999:  http://www.wheelerfolk.org/stweb/frontpgupdate.htm

   Peg’s genealogy site: http://www.wheelerfolk.org/peg_gen/index.htm


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