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With some factors related to Peg's upcoming retirement from teaching, combined with low winter air fares, Peg and Keith found it possible to make a quick trip to Norway.  This would be our 3rd visit to Norway together.  It would be brief and we planned to make it simple and spend most of our time just visiting with the close friends we have made in southwest Norway.  We especially wanted to spend time with our dear friends Rotraud and Einar Slogvik.  We did not expect to take many photos and build yet another travel web page.  However, we had some very memorable times and were able to take quite a few photos for such a short visit.  We present them here, mostly for the enjoyment of friends and relatives on both sides of the world.  We have a few visits and events that we did not happen to capture with photos or write-ups.  Sorry, but again, our priority was not web page building this trip.


Beginning of our February 2003 Trip to Norway, 13-14 Feb/ - Amsterdam Layover 

Klepp to Stavanger - Anti-War March in City of Stavanger - Saturday, 15 Feb.

Stavanger, Sat. PM - Visiting Madland Family Addresses - Island of Moster°y

Day 2, Sunday - Hettervik Home in Hervik & Aarvik visit

Day 3, Monday - Gift Book; Berit & Sjur Visit; Knut Visit; Viking Stone

Day 4, Tuesday - Aksdal; Haugesund; Geir Visit; Andreas & Margunn Dinner

Day 5, Wednesday - NRK TV's Sigmund Hansen comes to Slogvik regarding Bautastein Project

Wednesday & Thursday - Leaving Norway - Going Home - Slogvik goodbyes; Bus to Stavanger; Home to California

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