Leaving Norway - Going Home, Wednesday & Thursday - Slogvik goodbyes; Bus to Stavanger: Home to California

As we reluctantly pack up to leave the Slogvik home midday Wednesday, we must say bid farewell to our very good friend PC.

Rotraud & Einar drive us to Aksdal to catch the bus for Stavanger. Keith gets everyone to pose with the new church & Aksdal hills in the background.

After saying our goodbyes, we are soon heading south on the comfortable bus. Here we get a view west from Austre (East) Bokn, one of the islands just south of Tysvær.

Keith had just corresponded with a lady with family connections to Bokn, & tries here to get a photo of the south end of the Austre Bokn island, the general area in which some of her ancestors lived.

The bus soon nears the southern end of the larger Vestre (West) Bokn where we will all be swallowed up by the large & efficient ferry.

As we cross the Boknafjord on the ferry, Keith gets this photo looking back north at the 2 main Bokn islands, the bridge between them just being out of sight in the center of this photo.

After crossing the big fjord we are now on the large island of Rennesøya where we get this view of farm & greenhouse activity. 

We are not sure exactly where Peg took this shot, but it was as we passed through, under & over the series of islands, tunnels & bridges just north of Stavanger.

Back in the city of Stavanger, we get a hotel room & then set out on some last minute shopping & sightseeing. Here behind Peg is the Cathedral & the statue of the famous local writer, Alexander Kielland.

A view of the Stavanger harbor with some big ships in.

A look across the harbor with the Valberg Tower in prominent view. 

In spite of the reflections, Keith gets this view of Rogaland bunads for sale.

Another one of Keith's favorite Stavanger street statues, this one of a Vekter or early patrol/watchman.

Peg at street corner with our white Commandør Hotel on right with the Victoria Hotel in the background.

Peg decides that this Thai restaurant would be appropriate for our last meal in Norway this time, as we expect our next big trip will be to Thailand (3 months teaching English, summer 2003).

We leave our hotel early Thursday morning to catch the 5:25 am bus to the airport. Here Keith gets a night view across the bay from the bus stop.

First to Amsterdam where we have only a short layover this time & a comfortable KLM flight home. About 11:50 west coast time, we look up at the monitor & notice that we are currently high above Peg's parent's home in Sandpoint, Idaho.

Later that afternoon, we drive up the spring-like Sacramento Valley where the almond trees are blooming.  What a contrast - but our thoughts & hearts are still many miles away in Norway !! 

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