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Our family loves Norwegian sweaters. On their summer 2000 Norway trip, Peg & Keith each bought a couple of sweaters, plus a few for family gifts.  On their December 2001 trip they ended up with 14 more. Maybe bordering on an obsession, it still has been fun.

July 2000 - Kent, Cheryl, Keith & Rich with sweaters from our first trip. The boys sweaters came from a street vendor in Bergen, Cheryl's from the Gjesdal Spinneri & Keith's Dale from Oslo.

Peg's favorite Oda sweater purchased from the Oslo Sweater Shop at the end of our summer 2000 trip.


Christmas 2000 with family in Eureka. Both sweaters purchased July 2000 from the Oslo Sweater Shop.

11keith_fikstveit.JPG (55207 bytes)

The sweater that probably started it all. Purchased in Tysvær in 2000 while staying on the Slogvik farm.

Dick & Arlene Giles (Peg's folks) in Sandpoint, Idaho, with their 2001 Christmas gift sweaters from Audhild Viken, Bergen.

06kent_sweater.JPG (43647 bytes)

 Kent in his Audhild Viken Bergen Christmas sweater. 


AnyaTroll1.jpg (124053 bytes)

Anya Florence Furman, born 6 June 2005 models her gift sweater & hat from Norway. She is 3 weeks old here.

AnyaTroll2.jpg (229191 bytes)

Anya's sweater & hat were knitted by Einar's sister, Helga Halleland of Grinde in Tysvær.  Anya makes a good little troll.


4_karen.jpg (44036 bytes)

Karen wearing her "Queen Maude" 

4_patrick1.JPG (51146 bytes)

Patrick shows off his classic style cardigan from Dale.


<< Patrick & Karen give us a view of their new Christmas sweaters from Haugesund's own Anna Hen Eide A/S  (Our photos: outside store & inside store).

min storartet katt Mao hjemme pa Sunday slitasje "GenserKatt"



09peg_norwaydays.JPG (49637 bytes)

Peg uses the 2001 San Francisco area Norway Days festival as an excuse to wear her Tysvær sweater purchased at the Husflid Håndverkerne.

Keith's "very Norwegian" sweater - a gift from the Slogviks, Christmas 2001.  This was also from Audhild Viken of Bergen.


10keith_walk1.JPG (49491 bytes)

Back in Mad River, Keith is ready for the California mountain cold & his heart healthy walks

Cheryl & friend. Her Christmas 2001 sweater came from the Oslo Sweater Shop.

11rogaland.JPG (68200 bytes)

Peg especially liked this Tysvær sweater because of the Viking designs & the many symbols from the Rogaland area that she could recognize. (e.g., the 3 swords we recently visited)


12keithtysver.JPG (50064 bytes)

This is one Keith picked out on our most recent trip. This is another from Anna Nora Baug's home business in Tysvær

13keithblue.JPG (51397 bytes)

This is another of Anna Nora's Tysvær sweaters - this one purchased by Keith on our summer 2000 visit to Norway.

14pegblue.JPG (37663 bytes)

... but guess who often wears this sweater? That is one of the nice things about these sweaters - most can be unisex.


And now some photos of our "extended family" in Norway ...

22rotraud.jpg (63577 bytes)

Here Rotraud Slogvik wears a traditional hand knitted cardigan. Actually it was a gift to Einar from his sister Helga, but Rotraud  borrows it, when she feels she has "to dress up traditional."


20rotraud.JPG (60575 bytes)

Here is a closer view of this traditional cardigan, this photo taken during the Tysvær History Group gathering at Slogvik just before Christmas. Again, this one was knitted by Anna Nora Baug at Førland, Tysvær.


24einar2002.jpg (80113 bytes)

In this photo of Einar & PC, Einar shows us the sweater he won at the local Christmas fair. This "Salt Lake City 2002" model was hand knitted by Irene Haraldseide who lives 5 km south of Slogvik. Irene knits a sweater for the Christmas fair each year.


einar2002.JPG (47699 bytes)

Another view of Einar's "Olympic" sweater. Here he enjoys a belated birthday gift of fruit and goodies. Rotraud, sans sweater, in background.

23einar.jpg (79409 bytes)

Einar here wears the sweater his mother knitted about 30 years ago. She did many of these and sold them to a shop in Haugesund. Many housewives earned money by knitting sweaters in former times. 

23einar2.jpg (34935 bytes)

Here on the phone in the TV/PC room, we get another view of the sweater Einar's mother Laura knitted 30 years ago.  Laura used to get about 200 Kroner per sweater in the old days! 


14swea~1.jpg (52318 bytes)

Here are the gorgeous and complementing
sweaters worn on Christmas day by our "extended family," Slogvik neighbors, Kåre & Gjertrud. Gjertrud
hand knitted these !


slogvik_brothers.jpg (39386 bytes)

Slogvik brothers, Kåre & Peder, of Bruk 1 of Slogvik farm.  Both sweaters hand knitted by Gjertrud.


26twins.jpg (21101 bytes)

Even the little ones get great sweaters. Here Einar's nephew Erik & his wife Anna are each holding one of their
twins, Erlend & Arvid.


27twin.jpg (40607 bytes)

Here we get a closer view of one of these very cute sweaters.


31twins_sweaters.jpg (67379 bytes)

And here is a later picture of the twins with their new sweaters and hats.

30erik_sweater_car.jpg (56895 bytes)

... and here proud Pappa Erik gets to show off his new sweater AND new car!

32sweaterkids.jpg (50616 bytes)

Einar's grand nephews come to Slogvik to see the new spring lambs but also show off their sweaters. L to R: Vebjørn (6), Sindre (4) and Stian (10 months). They are the sons of Kristin Halleland (Einar's sister Helga's daughter) and Kjetil Thorsen from Røgvær.

How did they get in here?

tedysusan_sweaters.JPG (54833 bytes)

Our dear friends, Ted & Susan, from Colima, Mexico, came to visit us in Mad River. They found it cold here so we loaned them our warm Norwegian sweaters and made them pose !  Check out their

 "Project Amigo" site.

Responding to a request for some more Slogvik sweater photos, Rotraud's response was:

heaven, that you did not fall for Norwegian wool underwear!"


We had to add this photo from our May 2002 visit to the Norway Days Festival:


10jan.jpg (67045 bytes)

New friend & Norway List member Jan Griggs agrees to let the Norway List members use her norwegianwear.com sweater booth as a contact point.


We also invite you to visit our Christmas in Norway pages - more photos there.

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