English translation of History of Early Quaker activity in Tysvær kommune - from Svein Ivar Langhelle's Tysvær 9. Slik levde dei (local history, vol. 9) published in 1997.

Click here for "The Sloop Restaurationen," an excerpt from the old hard to find book by Rasmus B.Anderson entitled Norwegian Immigration 1821-1840 published in 1895.

"The thirty-third tale" from Alfred Hauge's Cleng Peerson (cited above) has been made available at "The Promise of America" web site. This "tale" describes the sailing of the Restoration and those on board.

Chapter "III. Cleng Peerson" from Hjalmar Rued Holand's Norwegians in America: The Last Migration, 1978, has been made available at "The Promise of America" web site (good overview of reasons for emigration, the voyage of the Restoration, early Slooper settlements and the role played by Cleng Peerson).

 From the official Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs web site (ODIN) - "Norwegians in the New World:
The Historical Experience"
gives a summary and some images related to the the Sloopers & the Restoration.

The Kendall County, Illinois, RootsWeb/USGenWeb Project web site offers several relevant articles. While containing some errors, they provide interesting views of the Sloopers that settled in Illinois.

Norwegian-American Historical Association publications made available online:

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