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  The August 8 Stavanger Aftenblad article mentioned above has been translated to English.  CLICK HERE FOR ENGLISH TRANSLATION

For more photos of the Anna of Sand and this "incorrect" flag see our Album #15


   Two articles appeared in the local Tysvær kommune paper, Tysvær Bygdeblad, related to our visit to that area.  They were both written by the young, but very competent, reporter Martin Eike.  Both articles, plus the Aug. 8 one above, have been recently translated by a helpful Norway List member.

Tysvær Bygdeblad, Thursday, July 13, 2000, page 4, article "På jakt etter fortida" ("Searching for the Past") & photo.    This article is based on our interview with the reporter after the Aksdal concert on July 2nd. Photo of Keith, Einar & Peg. 
           See Travel Report #5 & Photo Album #11  For translation to English

Tysvær Bygdeblad, Thursday, July 27, 2000, page 5, article "Fann deler av røtene sine" ("Found part of his roots") & photo.   This short article and photo relates Sjur Slogvik bringing the ancient Slogvik house planks to Keith on July 9th.
           See Travel Report #10 & Photo Album #23.    For translation to English


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