23. Slogvik Farm, Part III - Old School House, Fjording, Bedehus, Kåre's Bruk 1, View from the Fjord, Ancient Slogvik Home Timbers.

See Travel Report #10

Description: Renovation project at Einar's old school building on the nearby Hundsnes farm.
Description: A fjording checks out the strangers.
Description: This is a particularly handsome and well cared for fjord horse.
Description: The Bedehus at Hundsnes farm -- once used for conservative religious meetings.
Description: Front view of the Bedehuss.
Description: Kåre Slogvik's farm, Bruk 1, just south of Einar's Bruk 7.
Description: Here Einar shows Peg where the old Slogvik house had been moved to Bruk 1 many years ago.
Description: View to the north showing the old Slogvik house location on Bruk 1.
Description: Gjertrud Slogvik's sister, Karen, the potter, pitching hay for her horses in the field of Bruk 1.
Description: Einar's Viking boat.
Description: The ex-champion rower, Einar rows Keith out into the fjord.
Description: Captain PC in comand of this voyage.
Description: Looking back at the Slogvik farm from out in the Hervik Fjord.
Description: Sjur Slogvik, Einar's cousin, brings timbers to Keith from the original ancestral Slogvik home.
Description: Sjur and Keith discuss how to pack these in the suitcases to take home to America.
Description: Sjur, Keith and Einar inspect the pegs on the end of the timbers estimated to be over 200 years old.
Description: A close up of the pegging system used by the original builder.
Description: Einar and Sjur decide which tools to use on these old timbers.
Description: Einar cuts a notched end off to be packed in the suitcase.
Description: The prized notched timber end is now in a place of honor in the California home of Peg & Keith. Also on display here is a friendly little troll fashioned by Karen Vikse, Kåre's sister in law, and given to Peg by Kåre & Gjertrud Slogvik. 

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