11. Haugesund, Karmøy, Slogvik, Aksdal Concert - July 2, 2000

See Travel Reports #5

Description: Waking up to the putt-putt of the "one-lunger" engine on this charming old wooden boat was captivating 
Description: the driveway to the Ebne place where fine herbs and plants are carefully and beautifully grown
Description: Keith and Einar pose with the Ebnes beside their garden
Description: Front view of the lyngsenter (Heather nursery) and iterpretive center
Description: inside the gift shop of the lyngsenter
Description: outside among the many varieties of this important plant, heather
Description: Peg takes a walk along the tended rows of plants
Description: the remnants of a copper mine from where the statue of Liberty gets her copper
Description: The elevator system for the workers of the copper mine
Description: another feature of the copper mine
Description: "Jacob is not here; he has gone to Stavanger to emigrate to the United States," says his "sister." 
Description: Rotraud role plays Keith's ancester's family as he arrives for the first glimpse of the farmstead
Description: Sonja and Rotraud greet us in a special way at this special moment in this special place. 
Description: With the fjord view in the background, Sonja and Rotraud continue the reinactment related to Keith's ancestors.
Description: Overcome with emotion and gratitude, Keith smiles through his tears.
Description: The first view of the pasture where the sheep are unimpressed with the silly Americans.
Description: Keith and Rotraud walk toward the house Einar and Rotraud built.
Description: PC, Keith and Rotraud pose in front of the Slogvik home.
Description: Einar shows Keith the stone monument they installed for family members.
Description: Daughter, Sonja plays a musical greeting at the piano.
Description: Peg and Keith outside the Tysvær Community Center at Aksdal. The statue is the artist, Lars Hertivig.
Description: Keith is greeted by the mayor and the cultural officer of the Tysvær municipality. 
Description: Ingvar Frøyland, Cultural Officer, accepts the genealogy information of the descendents of Jacob Slogvik.
Description: Keith meets his 4th cousin, Ingrid Austerheim.
Description: The Aksdal Emigration Concert featured (l-r) Andrew Harding, Hanne Krogh, and Tom Russell.
Description: Irish Mick O'Brien, the ulien pipe player, can be seen seated on the far left. 
Description: Another view of the concert.
Description: Tom Russell pays tribute to Hanne Krogh, Norway's sweetheart.
Description: Keith and Einar meet with the town reporter after he interviewed Keith for the local paper.
Description: Back exhaused in our favorite hotel room.

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