Tysvær Bygdeblad article

" Fann deler av røtene sine "

" Found part of his roots "

Thursday, July 27, 2000, page 5



Keith Wheeler from San Francisco, who we wrote about on July 13th, came to Tysvær to find some of his roots. His great-grandfather was among the first emigrants who left for America. His name was Jakob A. Slogvik, and he came from the Slogvik farm.


While Wheeler was visiting Tysvær, Sjur Slogvik succeeded in finding two planks from the house where Jakob A. Slogvik grew up. The planks were cut to a suitable size so Wheeler could take a small part of his great-grandfather’s house with him back to San Francisco.


In the picture we see Keith Wheeler (to the right) who is thanking Sjur Slogvik for the wonderful gift.


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