Map B is of Rogaland fylke or county.  This map courtesy of the Norway List

Map C is of central Rogaland showing Stavanger, Jørpeland, Lysefjord areas, plus Gjesdal & Sandnes areas.

Map D is of Tysvær  municipality with Haugesund to the west (Slogvik farm slightly right of center).

Map E is a topographical/aerial view of the Rogaland area.

Map F is a topo/aerial view of the Haugesund, Karmøy, Tysvær, Vindafjord areas.

Map G is of Rogaland showing clearly the current kommunes.

Map H is another of Rogaland showing the current kommunes or municipalities   or try this excellent map page also from "" that allows zooming in for more detail.

Map I is of Rogaland showing the old (ca. 1900) municipalities. NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Map J is of Norway showing current fylke (or "county") boundaries.  This is the start of Anne Mette Bjørgan & Jan Eri's great map pages.  An excellent resource.

Map K  is the site starting with Sveio (north of Haugesund) This is a map search site that I have found useful, however, for those of us language challenged folks, we first need to click on the British flag in upper right. NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Map L  is site starting with the Stavanger area.

Otto Jørgensen's links to maps.  A great resource for map addicts.

Travel Genie Maps of Ames, Iowa.  We can recommend this company/site as an excellent place to buy Norweigian maps in the U.S.

Hopefully More Coming …. (maybe a "yellow dot" map…?)

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