Bergen Harbor
#1    Days 1-3 ~Fri., June 23 - Mon., June 26, 2000 --- Intro.; Mad River to San Francisco; Flight from SFO to Newark; Meeting friends at Newark; Flight to Oslo; Sunday & Monday in Oslo; National Gallery; Subway trip; "Oslo Highlights" tour; Dinner with Norway List members.

 #2    Days 4 & 5 ~Tue., June 27 & Wed., June 28 --- Train trip fromOslo to Myrdal; Famous Flåm line to Flåm; Express boat to Balestrand; our stay at Kviknes Hotel - Balholm; Walks & views; Piano Concert; Local artist; First Internet connection.

 #3    Days 6 & 7 ~Thurs., June 29 & Fri., June 30 --- Express boat down Songnefjord & coast to Bergen;Bryggen; concert in sweater shop; Edvard Grieg's home; Museum of Fisheries; Rosencranz Tower; Funicular up Mt. Fløyen & concert.

 #4   Day 8 ~Sat., July 1 --- Bergen fish market set up & art museums; Bus ride to Haugesund; meeting and dinner with the Slogviks.

 #5    Day 9 ~ Sun., July 2 --- A VERY SPECIAL DAY AMONG MANY SPECIAL DAYS! - Visit to Ebne home & plant nursery, Heather Nursery and Visnes copper mine, all on Karmøy; Welcomed to the SlogvikFarm; Concert at Aksdal, Tysvær Municipality (meeting Mayor, Cultural Officer, 4th Cousin, Hanne Krogh, Tom Russell, Andrew Hardin, Mick O'Brian, local reporter); evening meal at Slogvik home; return to Haugesund hotel. 

#6    Days 10 & 11 am ~Mon., July 3 & First part of Day 11; Tue., July 4 --- Walk around Haugesund; Express boat from Haugesund to Stavanger & visit with Concert Stars; Greeting at Stavanger by Hanne Krogh; Meeting cousins and drive to Seldal and Maudal farm areas.

 #7    Day 11 pm ~Tue., July 4, 2000 --- EMIGRATION FESTIVAL IN STAVANGER - Gathering at the "Gazellen" & parade to harbor; sloop "Anna of Sand" & Aftenblad interview & photos; meeting many folks (old & new); Re-enactment of sailing of sloop Restoration; enjoying concert from the Gamle Rogaland; Evening cruise on the Gamle Rogaland; more contact with stars Hanne Krogh, Tom Russell, Andrew Hardin & Mick O'Brian - all thanks to the Emigration Center. 

#8    Days 12 & 13 ~Wed., July 5 & Thur., July 6 --- Walk around Stavanger; bus ride to Aksdal; Tysvær "Going to America" exhibit; the Quaker House and Graveyard at Stakland; Meeting the "Last Quaker" and his family; Begin our stay on the Slogvik Farm; Hervik & the Fruit Canning Factory; Teacher Talk with Annie & Harold; Neighbor's birthday party (CAKES!!). 

#9    Days 14 & 15 ~Fri., July 7 & Sat., July 8 --- Walk around Slogvik Farm; Farm accident; Peg spinning & making "krum kake;" Coffee with Laura Slogvik; Midnight fishing; Handicraft Cooperative; Visiting Cousins at Askeland; Skjolvastraumen.

#10    Day 16 ~ Sun., July 9 --- Brunch with Slogvik Families; "Cleng Peerson House" at Sandbekken; Tysværvag Church Cemetery; Hesthammer; Einar's old school house & fjord horse; Rowing in the fjord; Planks from ancient Slogvik house.

#11    Day 17 ~Mon., July 10, 2000 --- "THE TOUR OF THE YELLOW DOTS DAY" - Visiting many of the farms where Keith's ancestors once lived - Buying Bygdeboker; Visiting farms/communities of: Aksdal, Grinde, Aukland, Finnshus, Yrkje, Nedstrand/Kleiberg (meeting Sigmar Myhre, aka Cleng Peerson), (coffee & cake at Rita's), Haugen, Vassenden, Østabøvik (view only), Lindanger, Vårå, Fikstveit, Svinali nedra & Svinali øvra.

#12    Day 18 ~ Tues., July 11 --- Leaving Slogvik Farm; Bus from Aksdal to Stavanger; Petroleum Museum; Express boat to Jørpeland; Velle home; Drive in the hills above Jørpeland; Solbakk petroglyphs.

#13     Day 19 ~ Wed., July 12  --- Kristian's "Ox;" Drive north to Skiftun; Skiftun farm, family & treasures; Drive back to Jørpeland, old Årdal Church & blueberry picking; Chinese restaurant.

#14     Day 20 ~ Thur., July 13 --- Drive to Gjesdal & Sandnes municipalities; tour of Gjesdal area by Rolf Hetland; visit to Madland farm & Gjesdal Church; Meeting with Gjesdal History Group at Limagarden Bygdatun at Ålgård; second visit to Seldal farm; visit to Høle.

#15     Day 21 ~ Fri., July 14 (Actually this starts late in the evening of Thur., July 13) --- Late night/early morning crabbing on the fjord; Jørpeland library and town; visit at Martin Nag's home.

#16     Day 22 ~ Sat., July 15 --- Drive to Forsand; cruise on Lysefjord to Lysebotn and back; Prehistoric village of Landa; Visit to the Lars Nag home and second visit with Martin Nag.

#17    Day 23 & 24 ~ Sun., July 16 & Mon., July 17  --- Leaving Jørpeland; Ferry from Tau to Stavanger; Archaeological Museum; Emigration Center; The Printing Museum; shopping & walk around town

#18    Day 25 ~ Tues., July 18  --- Leaving Stavanger; Train trip via Kristiansand to Oslo; meeting San Jose folks on the way; Oslo Munch Museum; walk across town to Palace and National Theater.

#19    Days 26 & 27 ~ Wed., July 19 & Thur., July 20 --- Oslo Vigeland Sculpture Park; National Folk Museum; National Gallery; cyber café & sweater purchases; Leaving Oslo; Flight home.

 #20    Epilogue ~ Afterthoughts - Additions - Corrections


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