Peg & Keith Wheeler's

 Norway trip report, Summer 2000


Corrections, additions, afterthoughts, etc.


Sorry, we seem to have exhausted our verbiage for the present time.  We will be getting back to this last page hopefully in the near future.   Please check back.


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WE DO WANT TO SINCERELY THANK THE FOLLOWING INDIVIDUALS WHO WERE A FEW OF MANY THAT HELPED MAKE OUR TRIP SUCH A WONDERFUL AND SUCCESSFUL EXPERIENCE.   (We are sure we are leaving some folks out and we are sorry for that --- We will add them later --- But we must start now to express our deep appreciation to those who have not slipped out of our aging memory banks).


1.      Knut Djupedal, Director of Norwegian Emigrant Museum, Ottestad, Norway (who put us in contact with Mr. Frøyland)  (

2.      Ingvar Frøyland, Cultural Officer, Tysvær kommune, Aksdal, Rogaland, Norway (who put us in contact with the Slogviks & welcomed us to Tysvær along with Mayor Reidar Pedersen.)

3.      Arne Brekke of Brekke Tours, Grand Forks, North Dakota ( & his staff (especially the very helpful Danielle Koetterheinrich)

4.      Hans Storhaug, Director, and staff members Gunn Hidle & Sissel Aastorp, The Norwegian Emigration & Genealogy Center, Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway ( &

5.      Elin Galtung Lihaug, J. P. Fagerback &  Ole Kjølseth of the Norway List Oslo Reunions, Oslo, Norway

6.      Rotraud & Einar Slogvik & family, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway (plus all of the Slogvik cousins & neighbors)

7.      All of Keith's Cousins from N. Askeland, Tysvær (Ingrid, Knut, Jostein & Inger Marie) and their families.

8.      Kristian & Aud Marit, Jørpeland, Rogaland, Norway

9.      Stavanger Cousin Ernst Torkelson & all members of his family (Uncles Sverre & Konrad, daughter Anette, & cousin Arne Maudal)

10.  Rolf Hetland, his children & the Gjesdal History Group, Ålgård, Rogaland.

11.  Gunnleif Seldal of Kleppe, Rogaland

12.  Martin Nag, his cousin and Norway List member, Lars Nag, & his family of Strand, Rogaland

13.  Sigmar Myhre (aka "Cleng Peerson"), Nedstrand, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway

14.  ??? - The fellow and his daughter who gave us a ride to the Hotel Maritim in Haugesund from the bus station on that rainy July 1st ?  We would love to find out who they are so we can thank them again for their warm & considerate helpfulness.

15.  Whom did we miss???  Let us know.  We owe gratitude to so many.


Future project:    to get some kind of a "Slooper" monument or plaque at Jakob & Serene's grave site at the cemetery at Napa, California.  They both settled farther west than any of the other Norwegian pioneers that came to America on the Sloop Restoration in 1825.  We now have a web page with some more background on this idea and a current proposal.  Please check out our Slooper Monument Project page.  We welcome your comments and suggestions.


We also invite you to visit our photo albums from our Christmas holiday trip to Norway in December of 2001.


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