Keith Visits Friend Ted Rose

in the State of Colima, Mexico - Feb. 1987

Wife Peg gives Keith a special Xmas present - a plane ticket down to visit his long-term friend Ted Rose who lives in the small Mexican state of Colima.  This was in the very early days of "PROJECT AMIGO" - a program to help needy children and families in this part of west central Mexico.  (Ted was the founder of this program which has grown to be a very successful humanitarian effort, now affiliated with Rotary International, and administered by Ted and his wife Susan Hill - Please visit the Project's web site for more information.)

[ These photos were scanned from old color 35mm negatives that somehow survived poor storage conditions.]


This is the view of the twin volcanoes  from the roof of Ted's rented Comala home.

Ted steadies the wood-fired water heater Keith bought - this in the garden of Ted's home.

The local bus that chugs up the mountain to Cofradia de Suchitlán with driver's helper ready to lift the hood if needed. NOTE: Years later (2005) we learn that the young assistant was no other than Diego Martínez, now a key member of the current Project Amigo staff.!!

This "only on Sunday" dentist office was located in the little village of Cofradia where the Project began.

This is a coffee growing region and here the coffee beans are being dried in front of a village home.

Ted gathers the students of Cofradia's albergue for a group photo.

Here the students line up before a meal.

This government sponsored program (now terminated) provided a residence for poor children living too far out to make the daily trip to school.

The albergue program provided housing & meals - Project Amigo in these early days provided homework help, social & educational outings & other means of support.

Here students learn responsibility as they wash their own dishes at the pila.

Project Amigo supporters often donate to sponsor outings, Xmas gifts & a holiday party for these children (the taller of these 2 was the Wheeler's "Amiga" this year.

Lorenza Diaz was the Amiga of Ted's mom, Frances.

Two other charming young girls in the program.:

Ted & Keith, along with a couple of local Rotarians take this group of kids on this outing to the ocean.

While these kids live only about an hour's drive inland, many of them had never seen the ocean before.

The kids are also treated to lunch at the beachfront restaurant in El Pariaiso, Colima

They also enjoy this small Mexican resort's pool under Ted's supervision.

Another treat was an inflatable boat ride in a nearby lagoon.

Ted makes good use of his handy inflatable.

Just east of Comala, Ted & Keith visit the hacienda at Nogueras.

Back in the town of Comala, Ted & Keith help friend Chencho (left) with the wiring of his under-construction home.

Wiring done (in plastic conduit), workers start to carry up the concrete for the roof on their heads.

This view of the sunset over Comala is enjoyed after a busy day of work on the roof of the house.

We also visit the state capitol of the State of Colima, the City of Colima (this shot from the roof of a parking garage near the center of the city).

After a work project at one of the more outlying albergues, Ted & Keith head to the Manzanillo area for some fun swimming in the bay (here the top of a wrecked ship can be seen).

A view of tropical flowers and a lagoon from a high point near the ocean.

This high class resort & snow-bird condo area is popular with Canadians & northern Midwesterners (in quite a contrast to the poor villages we visited earlier this day).

Keith & Ted are invited up to this condo terrace high above the sea.

Heading back toward the airport in Guadalajara, we take a rest break at the Atenquique park.

Before the flight back to California, Keith pauses at the edge of Lake Chapala.

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