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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Trip

with visits to Dubai 

& the Musandam Peninsula of Oman 

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7-21 November 2005

Peg in gift dress

SaudiMan Keith in gifts      

In 1960, at the age of 24, Keith spent a year in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on a military assignment.  It was a pivotal experience in his life as it opened his small town eyes to a wider world.  He kept his photos, slides and fond memories.  Many years later, at the urging of his son, Patrick, Keith scanned these and in early 2005 posted them to the family website. (See "Keith's Old Military Photos") There, they were found by Dr. Zahir Othman of the Al-Turath Foundation of Riyadh.   Correspondence ensued and Keith was ultimately invited to come to Saudi Arabia to meet dignitaries and present the original slides to Al Turath and the National Archives.  Efforts were made to recruit other former mission members for the journey, but when that failed, his wife Peggy agreed to accompany him.  Here is a sampling of photos we took on this event full 2 week journey - along with some of our journal writing (more to be added later).

Photo Album Index 


Day 1 - San Francisco to Dubai - November 2005.

Day 2 - Dubai City, Fish Market, Bur Dubai, 1st Abaya

Day 3, part 1- Oman, Musandam Fjord Tour

Day 3, part 2 - Oman, Musandam Fjord Tour

Day 4, Dubai City & departure for Saudi Arabia

Riyadh - Day 1 - Sunday, Nov. 13

Riyadh - Day 2 - Mon., Nov. 14 - Diriyah, DQ, RDA

Riyadh - Day 3- Tue., Nov. 15 - Interview, Women's Workshop, Presentation

Riyadh - Day 4 - Wed., Nov. 16 - DQ, Prince Sultan, Faisalia Tower, Friend Turki 

Riyadh - Day 5- Thu., Nov. 17 - "Old City," Fort, Mayor, search for familiar + a special evening

Riyadh - Day 6 - Friday, Nov. 18 - Escarpment, Desert, Boy's Night Out

Riyadh - Day 7- Sat., Nov. 19 - Prince's Farm, Flight Out  

Dubai - Sun., Nov. 20 - Last Day before flight home


Saudi Links - With emphasis on those related to Riyadh area

Commentary Index

(will appear as time permits)

Proposed subjects - subject to change.

1. Regarding a Week Within an Abaya: Respect to Regrets (Peg writes on her experience with the tradition and the black dress of the culture)
2. Keith's reflections on Riyadh, past and present

3.  Comments about this amazing trip and credits given to those who contributed to this world friendship experience.

4.  How the inspirational, influential  1960 novel "The Ugly American" is revisited with new concerns in this context.

5. Preserving heritage in a fast developing city.

6.  Little things we noticed:  white starched men in white, women in black,  kitties, sand bags and check points but no fears for safety. 

7. Big things we noticed: warm hospitality, genuinely friendly folks, sky scrapers, freeways, flowing traffic ...

8. . . . other topics, yet to be decided upon (IF we can find the time)

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