Day 1* - San Francisco, California, to Dubai - November 2005

    Dubai in the United Arab Emirates has become a major world destination hub currently serving over five million travelers a year.  We were going to Saudi Arabia, and this place seemed appealing as a stopover, especially since it offered the best priced airfares we were able to find. It is a great introduction to the Arab World and as a free port, hosts active trade with many participating nationalities while still proudly preserving its own heritage.  

     *Day 1 in the Middle East, that is, as we left SFO on Monday the 7th but with the long flight time and 12 hours time difference we arrive Dubai at night of the 8th - so our Day 1 is actually Wed., 9 Nov.


The obligatory photo of the craft that would take us to the other side of the planet. A cool drizzly day for departure at SFO.

On looking outside our hotel after awaking to the exotic morning call to prayer - an entrance to the gold souk... 

Just one of hundreds of window displays of the lattice covered Deira Gold Souk.

It is early in the day and Keith stands where later there will be crowds of shoppers.

Always fond of water, Peg marvels at the size of Dubai Creek which bisects the city.

Keith also pauses to gaze at the creek and gets a sense of the city.

Two dhows (traditional shipping vessels still contributing to the economy) ply their way upstream.

We take the first of several rides across the creek on the public Abra: sturdy, serviceable, open boat taxis. 

A vessel flying the flag of UAE (United Arab Emirates).  Dubai is  second largest of the seven states.

On the Abras, a delightful system which accommodates city workers and tourists alike for mere pennies. 

Entering the textile souk on the Bur Dubai side of the Creek.  We enjoyed walking the labyrinth.

Peg pauses at another corner of the textile souk. 

A display in delightful Dubai Museum, housed in Al-Fahidi Fort, perhaps Dubai's oldest building.

This is an old boat displayed outside the fort/museum - a must visit for anyone interested in Dubai's history

Lunch at Basta Art Cafe.  Popular in guide books and frequented by tourists (with guide books in hand.)

An example of turn of century Bastakia (Persian) preservation area.  Fine lines and shadows play.

Traditional wind towers (at the end of this narrow shaded walkway) funneled cool air into the buildings.

This interior courtyard was peaceful and relaxing in the warm afternoon. Good restoration work is happening.

Glass on Deira buildings reflects the setting sun in the Dubai Creek as seen from Bur Dubai side.

Obviously a bustling, modern city and growing in many directions.

End of the work day commuter rush on Dubai Creek abras.

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