Day 2 - Dubai - November 2005

We start the day making a tour arrangement across town.  We then took a taxi back to the "5-star" Hyatt Regency (the only nearby place recognizable to the tour company's driver) located near the Gulf shore.  From there we start our day's exploring walk around Dubai City. 


Finding ourselves on the gulf, we walked along the corniche toward the creek inlet. 

Oh boy! the fish market.  Unlike Japan, you could smell this one before you got there.

The dried fish section.  Photo taken for our Norwegian "Lutefisk" friends.

This is a HUGE fish market!  Clean and well organized. (and this was late on a  warm morning)

We kept walking and found inside a MEAT market as well.  Also clean. 

Another angle of the fish processing portion.  Very. very busy!

And vegetables!! Beautiful produce!  We wonder where it comes from?

This charming date man, offered us fresh dates (a first) We bought some to snack on. Delicious!

Leaving the fish market & walking westward, we emerge from the pedestrian tunnel under the creek near the heritage & pearl diving villages.

Peg stops between 2 old boats and in front of the entrance of "The Diving Village" heritage site related to the early pearl trade.

"Chicken archaeology" - here is a scratching foul near the right side of the palm base. Much walking next - searching for a highly recommended restaurant which was found closed!

Much later - after a great lunch at the Automatic Café on Rigga Rd.,  Peg buys her first of two abayas.  You can read more about the abaya experience at:  (TBA)

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