13th_Europe_Report (27 images) -- Fri., 10 Oct. 2014 - SPECIAL DAY IN BREST - Patrick & Keith explore more of Brest - to look over and through security fences of Naval Base and to later in afternoon to meet Monique to enter Base for the distinct honor of meeting its "Capitaine de frégate" (Commander) Bruno Nicol who gives us a personal tour of his base. (Peg was ill this day and sadly had to stay back in the gîte.)
   This day was very full and memorable, but difficult to present in our traditional photo album travel log.  First, out of respect for Naval security, we took no photos while being toured around inside the huge Brest Naval Base.  Earlier in the day we happened upon some fascinating Brest street art. We decided to present most of the street art in a separate album and focus here more on the Naval Base, including skirting around some of the Base that reaches along the banks of the Penfeld River.

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