05a - Ban Pong, Thailand, Nov-Dec 2008 (36 images) - "Programs" & Experiences

To use a term familiar to us from another dear friend in another favorite country (Norway), we use the term "program" in this series to denote special planned activities of a day or time period.  While staying with friends in the town of Ban Pong (80 km west of Bangkok), we had several such "programs" in addition to visiting with friends, Keith's dental work and just moseying around.  We will try to sort these out and present photos and commentary for each such "program" in some sort of orderly fashion so that these special local cultural experiences can make the most sense to friends and family interested in our unusual adventures in this part of the world. Some of these fit neatly in to categories and time periods, others did not.  Here is a listing following some general chronological flow (those with obvious hyperlinks will have their own web album):

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