05f Dedication (18 images) - 27 Nov. 2008 - This auspicious day . . . 

. . . was chosen for the dedication of the new funeral building at one of the 2 large temples in the city of Ban Pong, this being the temple just east of the town clock tower. This new replacement building was the gift of Yupadee's prominent family.  This generous gift to the local temple and community was also to honor the family's ancestors, especially the 2 preceding generations (parents and grandparents) who were respected members of the Ban Pong community and contributed to the town with their family's growing business.  This day was chosen as it was just about one year ago that Yupadee's mother had passed away and her husband had died a few years previously on a related date.

A large crowd of friends, family and dignitaries attended.  Of course as the whole dedication ceremony was not conducted in English, we could understand only the parts that Yupadee could easily explain to us. However, we felt honored to have been invited and to witness this solemn, interesting and lengthy service.  Of course the opportunity to meet more of Yupadee's family was special, not to mention the grand catered luncheon, complete with shark fin soup (a first for us) and other Chinese flavored delicacies. 

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