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We travel to Bangkok via bus, taxi, river ferry and by foot, fighting super heavy traffic, to reach a special site just north of the Royal Grand Palace.  There, in an area known as Sanam Luang, hundreds of thousands of Thais come to bid a final farewell to Her Royal Highness, the late Princess Galyani Vadhana.  It was here that she had been recently cremated and this setting was "infused with all the grace and beauty of the traditional Thai arts."  Central was the tall prominent crematory, but several structures surrounding it included various tributes to her life.  Hundreds of artists and architects had prepared this setting to honor a very much loved and respected royal person.  The huge open area was filled with the throngs of thousands who showed deep love and sincere respect for the Princess' memory.  Felt honored to be among those attending and to witness the genuine love evidenced for this royal person.

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