05h - students (26 images) Students, Parents & Parades in Ban Pong

As we have mentioned earlier, our friend and host during our stay in the small city of Ban Pong is a very professional teacher.  Yupadee is one of the highest levels of Thai English teachers with an official status of "T-9."  Her day job is teaching English and as an administrator at the Vocational College out from town, but she also holds classes for younger students in her downtown shop-house week nights and weekend days.  As we were living just above her home classroom and always exposed to, and enjoyed, the coming and going of her students and their parents, we dedicate this album to the kids of Ban Pong.  In addition to photos of her young students and just a few of their parents, we have included a couple of parades of students on city streets.  A couple of extra "cute kid" photos are thrown in for good measure.

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