05a_BanPong_Nov-Dec2008 -- Heavenly Cheer - Dec. 1st 2008 -- Taking a photo of the night sky in the well lit town of Ban Pong was difficult, so we also took a photo of the English language “Bangkok Post” the next day. Ignore the headlines, but this was a great photo taken in the city just nort of Bangkok. Here is the caption for the Post's photo: "Heavenly cheer : The waxing crescent moon with Jupiter and Venus above, appears like a smiley face in the sky as seen from Ayutthaya province Monday night. - SUNTHORN PONGPAO" While we were told that this happens every 10 years, it seems this particular arrangement come less often (44 years?). See: ChristianScienceMonitor's horizons blog & Are the Gods Smiling on Burma?  We felt privileged to be in this part of the world where the sky was smiling. 

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