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Slooper Monument Project

Dedication Day, Sat., May 15, 2004, & related events

All of the events of our dedication day went well.  With only minor glitches, everything fell in to place.  We appreciate the input and help from many individuals and organizations.  We could not have done this alone.

After the dedication, we, Peg & Keith, continued to host our Norwegian guests and tried to help them see more of our northern California area.  The last of this group returned to Norway on Tuesday, May 25th.  Peg left the following day to spend the summer on the Slogvik farm in Norway.  With many loose ends to tie up, Keith tried to upload some of the photos related to the project, the dedication day in Napa, and the touring with our Norwegian friends.  This was done in installments and in a hurry, so please notify us of any errors or omissions.  

Pre Dedication Photo Album, Vol. 1

Norway Day Festival & Bauta Installation


Norway List members meet at Festival


Pre Dedication Photo Album, Vol. 2 

Norwegians Arriving & Touring


Park Gathering - Procession through Cemetery


Slooper Monument Stone Dedication Ceremony

Slooper Monument Stone Unveiling

Dedication Program - as planned (text)


Evening Banquet & Hanne Krogh Concert


NEW Hanne Krogh Plays Big Role in Slooper Monument Dedication


Son Patrick's Photos of Day's Events, 155 sequential photos from entire day in large thumbnails & large high quality photos - These have been removed from our web site due to the large file space required for storage, but can be made available upon request if needed.


Sons of Norway, Fram 13 Lodge participate



 Tour to Butte County Roney Ranches


17th of May in San Francisco


 Jelly Belly, Sacramento Old Town, River Cruise & Auburn


Coloma/Gold Discovery Park & Sutter's Fort


small group touring

Shopping, Monterey/Pacific Grove/Carmel, SF Ferry Bldg Market & Pier 39


Japantown, Cable Car/Lombard St/RainForest Cafe, Leaving



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