Bautastein Unveiling & Photo Ops, Tulocay Cemetery

Speeches & presentations made, it was then time for the unveiling of the Slooper Monument stone. With such a beautiful monument now exposed, it was time for groups & individuals to pose with the bautastein to photographically record this event for history.  Photos presented here were taken by different parties/individuals.  Credits for these photos are indicated by the following initial codes: pw = Patrick Wheeler; nd = Norfrid Dagsland; il = Ivar Lygren; lr = Marie & Nils Lang-Ree.

Stone carving artist Ira Kessey & Tysvær's Einar Slogvik have the honors of taking the shroud from the stone. - lr

Einar & most in the audience are very impressed as the view for the first time, the work done on the stone. - nd

Stone carver Ira looks pleased at the strong favorable response from the audience. - lr

To honor the stone, Hanne leads everyone in singing "No livnar det i lundar no lauvast det i li." - nd

As our Norwegian guests (now performing as the "Rogaland Singers") gather by the stone, Keith makes some final comments of presentation. - pw

Originally called the "Tysvær Singers," we expanded their name to accommodate the 2 southern Rogalanders here on far right. They gave a beautiful & appropriate rendition of "Fager Kveldsol Smiler." - nd

The call for the first "photo op" went out to all attending "Slooper" that start to gather here. - il

As descendants of those first 1825 Norwegian immigrants gather, it is obvious that the view from this camera is not wide enough. - nd

This view captures most of the Slooper descendants standing to the north of the bautastein. - pw

This shot gets a better view of those "Sloopers" to the south of the stone. (Slooper descendants are also called "Sloopers.") - pw

Here Keith poses with Einar & Rotraud Slogvik, who are each holding the State & Federal certificates that they were presented earlier. - nd

Again showing certificates & resolution presented, are Keith, Einar, Hans Storhaug & Ingvar Frøyland. - nd 

Another group shot, left to right: Einar Slogvik, Keith Wheeler, Hanne Krogh, Hans Storhaug & Ingvar Frøyland, with Keith's brother Andrew Wheeler showing behind Einar's sholder. -nd

In their beautiful Rogaland bunader, Einar's sisters Jorunn, Norfrid & Helga pose at the bauta, with Keith & Hanne behind them. - nd

And now the "star of the show" - the beautifully carved, processed & "planted" bautastein now stands proudly next to the graves of Sloopers Jakob Anderson Slogvik & Serena Tormodsdatter Madland/Anderson. Below their names is inscribed, "They settled farthest west of all the Slooper immigrants." - nd

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