Bautastein Dedication Ceremony, Tulocay Cemetery

The procession through the cemetery reached the Slooper Monument dedication site at about 3 PM on the afternoon of May 15th, 2004.  This photo album covers most of the dedication ceremony prior to the unveiling of the bautastein.  You can view an online copy of the ceremony program by CLICKING HERE.  Photos presented here were taken by different parties/individuals.  Credits for these photos are indicated by the following initial codes: pw = Patrick Wheeler; nd = Norfrid Dagsland; wh = Peg Wheeler; il = Ivar Lygren; lr = Marie & Nils Lang-Ree.

The crowd gathers around the dedication site in this beautiful park-like cemetery. - pw

Many of the Tysvær guests find this spot to watch  the ceremony. Sonia Sirnes holds the beautiful charcoal drawing of the old Slogvik farm that was presented to the Wheelers  -  nd

Einar in his Rogaland bunad & authentic period felt hat & Keith start the ceremony beside the veiled stone. - nd

A close up view of Einar Slogvik & Keith Wheeler, with his Norwegian fisherman's cap & Sons of Norway regalia, as these two start the introductions. - pa

Dagfinn Kvale, Pastor Emeritus of San Francisco's Norwegian Seaman's Church, gives the invocation. -  wh

Guest singing star, Hanne Krogh, graces the stone & audience with an opening song. - il

The Honorable Are-Jostein Norheim, Consul General, Royal Norwegian Consulate General in San Francisco, delivers opening remarks. - lr

Acting on behalf of US Congressman Mike Thompson, Lorena Fisher presents a "Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition" to Ingvar Frøyland representing the Tysvær Kommune. Certificates were also presented to the Tysvær Historical Society & the Slogvik family. -  pw

Representing the broader Rogaland area with its strong interest in emigration history, Hans Storhaug, General Manager of the Norwegian Emigration Center of Stavanger, Norway, makes some interesting points. - wh

This time Lorena Fisher is representing her boss, State Senator Wesley Chesbro, as she presents "Certificates of Recognition" to the 3 Norwegian groups that sent the stone, &, as shown here, to Peg & Keith Wheeler for their work on the project. - lr

Lorena also presented this beautifully framed California State "Resolution" signed by the Honorable Wesley Chesbro & held here by Cultural Officer Ingvar Frøyland representing the Tysvær government. - il  CLICK HERE for a close up view of the Resolution. CLICK HERE for the easy to read text of the Resolution.

It is then Ingvar's turn to make a presentation.  Here he is presenting the bronze plaque being held by Rotraud & Einar Slogvik.  This plaque, cast in Haugesund, Norway, would be placed on the east side of the stone the next day. - pw

A close up view of the plaque from Norway & presented "to the people of California." - nd

Next to speak is Gunleif Seldal from Klepp, Norway, who is a Marine Operations Engineer, serious historian/reseacher, as well as good friend & cousin of Keith - pw [CLICK for text.]

Here Napa Mayor Ed Henderson welcomes the crowd & the visiting Norwegians. Later, at the banquet, he would read his proclamation declaring this day, "Norwegian Heritage Day."  - pw

Rotraud Slogvik, representing the Tysvær Historical Society, makes her presentation. - nd CLICK HERE for text of poem Rotraud wrote & delivered.

From Wisconsin, Blaine Hedberg, noted head of Norwegian American Genealogical Center & Naeseth Library, tells of recently discovered Slooper material, including old letters from Serena Anderson.  - pw

From southern California, Sherrill Swenson, President of District 6, Sons of Norway, addresses the audience - pw

Representing Tysvær's Slogvik farm, which he & his wife own, Einar Slogvik makes his presentation. - nd

Sons of Norway Zone 2 Director, Mary Beth Ingvoldstad, a very helpful supporter of the project, adds her comments. - pw

As the time for unveiling nears, Hanne leads the group in a song. - pw

Please send any corrections, suggestions or additional photos to Keith. We are missing photos of some important parts & people in this event (e.g., Turlock Marble & Granite Work folks).

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