Text of the speech Rotraud wrote & delivered

at the Slooper Monument Stone Dedication

May 25, 2004 Tulocay Cemetery, Napa, California.

(This offers further evidence of Rotraud's considerable skill as a linguist -- the ability to construct a poem in rhyme in a foreign language is no small achievement.)

Many greetings I forward on

From Norway, where the stone comes from.


3 month lasted the passage duration

as long as Jakob’s on the Restauration.


In 1825 the boat big problems with the customs had,

But to release the stone, drove Keith almost mad.


There was no Cleng Peerson at the quay

To help Keith with the stone that day!


The lack of papers was significant,

So what you see here is an illegal immigrant.


But my appeal shall not deal alone,

With your need of immigrants ... or a stone.


I will not dwell on a polemic vision,

But feel I have a greater mission:


To deliver with all my heart and thought

The message my fellow members want to be brought.


From the Tysvær historical society

To you gathered here with all variety:


We are very proud we got involved

To help the monument project to be solved.


We feel we made a lot of friends

And hope this friendship never ends


But blooms and grows in many ways

Giving inspiration to all our days!