12th_Europe_Report (32 images) -- Thurs., 9 Oct. 2014 - Drive northeast to Roscoff - boat to Island of Batz - return drive west to famous lighthouse on Île Vierge - then south back towards Brest.

   Over a leisurely morning coffee at the pamphlet-strewn table in our gite, we reassessed our original idea of going to Patrick's favorite vacation spot -- the near-by village of LeConquet and taking a ferry 18 miles to Ile d'Ouessaint ("Ushant") for an afternoon on a stark and significant ancient isle in the Atlantic Ocean.  Our energy levels were waning.  We opted instead for the more distant port of Roscoff  (we were intrigued by the "Onion Johnny" story) and shorter (15 minute) boat ride to L'ile de Batz. 

   We packed the beginnings of a picnic lunch in a backpack and got on the road just as the overnight rain was drying and the brightness of the morning sun made for some nice light for general photography of the Celtic countryside. Alas it turned out to be the most strenuous day of the journey, and we missed out on a chance to see a place Patrick dearly wanted to share with us. 

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