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Patrick & Keith Wheeler visit Lebanon (with Amsterdam stopovers)

September 9-19, 2002

Father & son had a wonderful visit and returned with many fond memories and many, many digital photos.  They returned to a busy schedule that is interfering with their plans to build a web site worthy of their wonderful Lebanese experience.  This will have to wait a few more days.  In the meantime, here are some rather hastily written e-mails sent home to family & friends. Remember that these were usually written at an internet cafe late at night after a long and busy day. We have included here just a few of the hundreds of photos taken. A more detailed write-up, including our reason for going as well as our impressions, will come later. We will also build several more photo albums for those interested in the various aspects of our visit.


Day 0 - AMSTERDAM - en-route to Beirut ...

Day1 - Beirut -  9/11/2002: Center of Town, Jounie, Telepherique, Harissa

Day 2 - Beirut Pigeon Rocks, American University Beirut, Jeita Grotto.

Day 3 - Byblos (or Jbail)

Day 4 - Chouf Mountains - Beit et Dine, Jezzine, Sidon (Saida)

Day 5 - Baalbek - Bekaa Valley and environs

Day 6 - Beirut - Street Life, Hills to East, Visiting Friends

Day 7 - Tripoli - Island Swimming, Citadel, Grand Mosque, Souk, Casino

Day 8 - Beirut - Shopping & saying "Goodbyes"

Day 9 - Flight Home - Beirut to Amsterdam to San Francisco International

Extra - A Few Panoramic Photographs trying to capture the breadth of some of the fabulous views.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We met many wonderful folks during our visit.  We exchanged e-mail addresses with several and promised to make contact and/or send some special photos.  Alas, arriving home, we discovered that we lost some of these precious addresses.  If you are one of the folks that gave us your address and you have not heard from us, PLEASE drop us an "e-line" to either 

Patrick or Keith

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