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Hanne Krogh, Norwegian Recording Artist

Hanne is one of the very few Norwegian artists who has sold more than a million records in Norway and has three walls covered by silver, gold and platinum records. She has won two Spellmannspriser (prestigious honor awarded to elite performers in Norway), the Per Gynt Prize and is an acting Ambassador for Save the Children.


Hanne began performing and recording at an early age, representing Norway in the prominent "Eurovision Song Contest" as a young teenager in 1971.  She won first place in this prestigious European contest in 1985 as one of the "Bobbysocks" duo.  She has been receiving awards and widespread admiration since.

We had the enjoyable privilege to see and hear this popular and award winning Norwegian singer perform at two emigration festival concerts during our 2000 trip to Norway - the first concert in Aksdal, Tysvær kommune, Rogaland, on July 2nd - the second on the quay at Stavanger, Rogaland, on July 4th.  We were highly impressed not only with her lovely voice, but with her genuine warmth and friendliness.  She sings comfortably in either Norwegian or English.  

We were able to attend another of her performances during our December visit to Norway in 2001.  This time it was a Christmas concert at Vaar Frelsers kirke (Our Savior's Church) in central Haugesund.  Haugesund is Hanne's hometown , although she presently lives with her husband, Trygve Sundbø, in Oslo.  And we learn that Hanne's grandmother was born in Tysvær.

Hanne is often the headliner performer at Norway's many emigration festivals as well as Christmas concerts.  She has made appearances at such notable events as the Sons of Norway International Convention in Stavanger, Norway, in 2000, and the Gala Opening of the "Norwegians in New York 1825-2000: Builders of City, Community and Culture" at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum in New York City.

We feel honored that Hanne and her husband Trygve joined us on May 15th in Napa for the bautastein dedication.  We greatly appreciate the funding support of the Royal Norwegian Consulate General of San Francisco that facilitated their participation.

In preparatory communications with Hanne, she tells us:

A friend of mine, a photographer from the largest TV network in Norway, has some unique stock shots from Tysvær. Some years ago, scenes from the Sloopers leaving Tysvær were dramatized. It is actually filmed on the very location – showing your people leaving their homes and getting into the boats to row to Stavanger.

If all goes as planned, we should have this fantastic addition to our evening program!  We also expect to have some of her CDs for sale during the day, especially her popular Vestavind and newer Christmas releases!  They are sometimes hard to find in this country.




Hanne Krogh's official web site (in Norwegian):


Here are some of our photo albums that include photos of her:
    Aksdal, 2 July 2000 
    Stavanger, 4 July 2000 

    Haugesund, 17 December 2001


Our Travel Reports #5, #6 & #7 from our 2000 trip include more impressions and experiences with this delightful person.  (Report #6 includes "Keith's too often told 'celebrity story.'")

From one of our favorite Norwegian web sites, :


In May of 2004 Hanne and her husband came to California to play a significant role in the dedication of the "Slooper Monument Stone" or bautastein.  The fist album below highlights Hanne's valuable role as the guest star from Norway during the May 15 dedication.  The second album is of the May 17th celebration at San Francisco's Norwegian Seaman's Church:



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July 4, 2000

Hanne & Peg

aboard Gamle Rogaland



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Dec. 17, 2001

Hanne & Keith



May 15, 2004

Hanne dedicates the Napa bautastein, Napa, California, USA

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