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Report_on_machinery_and_manufactures.pdf  48.9 MB

Report on Machinery and Manufactures, with an Account of European Manufacturing Districts.  By Robert H Thurston, 1875 [See Chapter VIII, Hydraulic Motors, start p. 175]


Treatise_relative_to_the_testing_of_wate.pdf  52.8 MB

Treatise Relative to the Testing of Water-Wheels and Machinery; also of Inventions, Studies and Experiments with Suggestions from a Life's Experience.  By James Emerson, 6th Edtion, 1894, 569 pages  [Dr Bronner pales in comparison! Be sure to check out latter part of book for ultimate wisdom and religious and moral guidance - ca. p. 410-420++]


Water_power_engineering.pdf  53.4 MB

Water power engineering: the theory, investigation and development of Water Powers.   By Daniel Webster Mead,  Volume 1908, Part 2 - 787 pages


Water_power_engineering_ed2.pdf  77.7 MB

Water power engineering: the theory, investigation and development of water powers.  By Daniel Webster Mead, Edition: 2 - 1915 - 843 pages

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Principles_of_construction_and_efficienc.pdf  3.2 MB

Principles of construction and efficiency of water-wheels.  By William Donaldson, 1876, 94 pages


Electricity_for_the_farm.pdf  4.7 MB

Electricity for the farm: light, heat and power by inexpensive methods from the water wheel or farm engine.  By Frederick Irving Anderson, 1919, 265 pages


Water_wheels.pdf  4.8 MB

Water-wheels: or, Hydraulic motors - translated from the "Cours de Mécanique Appliquée." By Jacques Antoine Charles Bresse - 1876, 165 pages


Hydraulic_motors.pdf  11.1 MB

Hydraulic motors: with related subjects, including centrifugal pumps, pipes, and open channels. By Irving Porter Church, 1905, 269+ pages


Treatise_on_mills_and_millwork.pdf  13.8MB

Treatise on mills and millwork, Part 1, on the principles of mechanism and on prime movers, 2nd Ed. By Sir William Fairbairn, 1864, 306+ pages. [Most relevant here is probably Section III "Prime Movers" especially Chapters III & IV dealing with water wheels.]


Cyclopedia_of_Civil_Engineering__Hydraul.pdf  17.7 MB

Cyclopedia of Civil Engineering: Volume 8, Hydraulics; water power; waterways; index.     By American School (Chicago, Ill.), 1908, 440+ pages


Hydraulic_machinery.pdf  24.0 MB

Hydraulic machinery: with an introduction on to hydraulics.  By Robert Gordon Blaine, 1905, 468 pages [Chapter XII has some water wheel material.]


A_compendium_of_mechanics_or_text_book_f.pdf  3.9 MB

A compendium of mechanics or text book for engineers, mill-wrights, machine-makers, founders, smiths, &c. containing practical rules and tables connected with the steam engine, water wheel, force pump, and mechanics in general: also examples for each rule, calculated in common decimal arithmetic, which renders this treatise particularly adapted for the use of operative mechanics. By Robert Brunton, Glasgow, 1824, 132+ pages ["Water Wheel" chapter pp. 108-121]


Intermediate_lessons_in_natural_philosop.pdf  6.7 MB

Intermediate lessons in natural philosophy  By Edwin James Houston, 1881, 207 pages. [Very basic & lean on water wheel substance, but nice old wheel graphics on pages 95-96.]


The_operative_mechanic__and_British_mach.pdf  44.6 MB

The operative mechanic, and British machinist: being a practical display of the manufactories and mechanical arts of the United Kingdom, Volume 1.  By John Nicholson, Esq., Civil Engineer, London 1825, 795 pages  [Water Section pp 64-121 deals with "Water-Mills"]





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