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The tall lace head-dresses, "coiffes" are now a very popular symbol of Breton pride.  The cartoon-like figure of a woman with such a hat can be seen as bumper stickers throughout Brittany, as well as decorating shopping bags and other items.  Apparently these fine lace hats are still worn in certain areas of Brittany on special festive occasions, for instance, see this Wiki photo with the following caption: "A group of bigoudènes wearing the distinctive Bigouden headdress."  Thanks to a thoughtful gift from Monique and Alain, the black and red stickers below are now a symbol of Breton pride on our California car as well as our front door!  Don't ask about the translation of the "L'Aise Breizh" phrase as it seems to be an idiom's idiom in a combination  of French and Breton languages  Online blogs seem still to be arguing about this.  See "Brittany for beginners" for more on this image.

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