122. Caleb TENNANT (295)(388) was born about 1745. [S. Lord states that ancestral file has birth as about 1745; Joyce Minton has 1730; DAR Patriot Index, Centennial Ed., Book 3, has birth as about 1740; another source has birth between 1730 & 1740.] He died betw 1783 & 1790 in Glastonbury, Hartford Co., CT. [Another source gives death as "after 1820;" "If this Caleb Tennant died 1783 to 1790 as suggested by Mrs. Wires, then the census record for a Caleb Tennant in Glastonbry (sic) in 1790 with a household of six, in 1800 'age 45+' with a household of two, and 1810 with two and 1820 with one must belong to another of the name." DAR Patriot Index has his death as "p 1783."] Caleb appears on the roll of the 3rd Co. of 2nd Conn. Regt., Major Joseph Spencer's Co. as enlisted 6 April 1758 and discharged 18 Nov. 1758 (Conn. Historical Society Collection v.10, p. 35). According to several DAR applications he served as a corporal in the Revolutionary War. He was in the regiment from Glastonbury that occupied Boston after the evacuation. He served under Capt. Jonathan Hale and Col. Erastus Wolcott.
He appears several times in the Glastonbury, CT, land records from 25 Apr 1777 to 8 Aug 1797. Caleb married first on 8 Sep 1762 to Sarah Wightman (b. 29 May 1745, d. 1 Feb 1780). Sarah was the daughter of Abraham Wightman and Susannah Stark. Caleb and Sarah had the following children:
1. Moses - b. abt. 1760-65; d. 1808, Springfield, Otsego Co., NY; married first in 1785 to Betsy Welch who died 1792; married second in 1792 or 3 to Mrs Sarah Selden Jewett.
2. Susannah - b. abt 1762; d. 19 May 1827; married Tennant Chapman.
3. Sarah M. - Married Glastonbury, CT, 20 Nov 1783, Jesse Morgan.
4. Wightman (or Whitman) - b. abt 1767; d. 29 Dec 1841; married Chatham, CT, 18 Sep 1791, Demmis Babbit; they had at least one child named Avery Tennant (from whom Sondra Lord descends).
5. Prudence - b. 8 Aug 1770, Glastonbury, CT; d. 3 Apr 1852; married Glastonbury, CT, Apr 1789, Gershom Hinckley (1763-1848).
6. Azel/Asahel - b, abt. 1770-80; was "of Chatham" when he married Rocky Hill, CT, 1 Nov 1797, Edna Chapman "of Glastonbury" daughter of Solomon Chapman and Prudence Tennant.
7. Lucy - d. 12 Jun 1836; married Abel Chapman son of Solomon Chapman and Prudence Tennant.
8. Bell - Married a man with the last name of Avery.
9. Esther - b. 19 Jan 1780; d. 14 Aug 1838, Colchester, CT; married a man with the last name of Avery; (additional note: "Could she be same one who married CHARLES LEE - notice in New London Bee for Aug. 1799, p. 168?")

He was married to Eunice COLVER OR CULVER on 14 Nov 1780. [One source has marriage date as 17 Oct 1781. This was his second marriage.]

123. Eunice COLVER OR CULVER (389) was born in 1745. She died on 23 Aug 1817 in Glastonbury, Hartford Co., CT. Eunice was Caleb's second wife. His first wife, Sarah Wightman, was Eunice's 1st cousin, Sarah being the daughter of Abraham Wightman who was the older brother of Susannah Wightman, Eunice's mother. Summaries of 2 DAR applications give Eunice's name as "Eunice Culver Morgan" which would indicate that she was possibly married previously to a man with the last name of Morgan. Children were:

child61 i. Eunice TENNANT.
child ii. Amy TENNANT(390) was born on 7 Nov 1784. [One source has her birth in 1785.] She died in 1864. She married Lewis Stickland (1786-1856); they had at least one child named Sarah and from Sarah descended Mrs. Anna Coe Marshall who applied for DAR membership (ID# 21406) as a descendant of Caleb Tennant.

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