246. Moses COLVER OR CULVER (479) (480) was born about 1712. [G. Stark has birth on 30 Dec 1712.] He was married to Susannah WIGHTMAN in 1735.

247. Susannah WIGHTMAN(481) was born on 24 Nov 1712. Children were:

child i. Mary COLVER OR CULVER(482) was born in 1737.
child ii. Desire COLVER OR CULVER(483) was born in 1739.
child iii. Susannah COLVER OR CULVER(484) was born in 1741.
child iv. Amy COLVER OR CULVER(485) was born in 1743.
child123 v. Eunice COLVER OR CULVER.
child vi. Moses COLVER OR CULVER(486) was born on 11 Apr 1747.
child vii. Hepsibah COLVER OR CULVER(487) was born in 1749.

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