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Now, looking down on the parking lot and the modern commercial harbor we notice the drastic changes from earlier times.  The old photo in the upper right might be a WWI view of some of this general commercial port area.  Here at the top of the stairway, we read the following English language description: "To connect the city and the new commercial harbour at Porstrein desired by Napoleon III, the municipality had these splendid stone stairways built, starting on the Cours Dajot and ending in a double flight of stairs on the slope leading to the port. Completed in 1857, these stairways were immortalized on film by Jan GrĂ©millon in Remorques (Stormy Waters in English) when Jan Gabin, who has just left Michele Morgan, descends them during a storm (the effect of which was created using firemens hoses!). ..."

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