Saturday, Sep. 15, 2007 - Norway - Slogvik morning, Avaldsnes History Center, Geir visit at Karmsund, Slooper Bauta Reunion at Hervik.

This would be a fun social day with time to spend with good friends - a time to reflect on how lucky we are to have such good friends here in beautiful Norway. We were also able to accomplish a couple of little tasks which were not photographed, like shopping at our favorite bookstore in Aksdal and sweater shopping at Anne Nora's business at Førland.  For any not familiar with our "Slooper Bauta" dedication event held in the San Francisco Bay area in 2004, please visit our "Slooper Monument Project" web site, especially the pages related to our Norwegian visitor's preparation & arrival.


One of the finest pleasures of all Norway is the lavish, hearty frokost (breakfast).  At Slogvik this features their own farm-grown plum jam among other wonderful treats such lefse & Peg's favorite: geitost. (goat cheese)

This morning we spend a leisurely time at breakfast with a finale of musical entertainment by the resident keyboard player. Einar also shared many of the songs he has written.

Before heading out for the day's activities, Einar gives us a tour of Slogvik's pride -- the larder full of the farm's bounty.  Shown here are some of the plum jams.  Not shown are 2 VERY full freezers of other goodies.

Here we meet with a long-time Norway List friend, Geir Kristian Eide at his home south of Haugesund. Geir is a serious and talented historian.  Here he shares family photos as he & Einar discover common relatives!

Over coffee and cakes, we continue family history discussions, both close & local, as well as some of the distant prominent families in area history. (Keith is jealous because he has been unsuccessful in finding a genealogical link between Einar & himself.)

Einar and Anne Nora take us to the new (2005) Nordvegen Historiesenter (history center) at the very ancient archeological site at Avaldsnes, the oldest royal seat in the country. 

Inside, we enjoy the interpretive multi-media presentation of the history of Norway's kings beginning in the 800's with Harald Fairhair.

The medieval church at Avaldsnes. As we get ready to leave, we reflect on our previous visits here, especially to hear a Christmas Kantata in 2001.

Later in the day it is time for a wonderful gathering of friends at the lovely home of John & Signy Hettervik  overlooking Hervik Bay.

Peg is greeted warmly by her dear friend (& our hostess Signy). Despite differences in language, they understand each other pretty well.

John (standing) welcomes Einar & Anne Nora to a table loaded with many of our favorite Norwegian foods.

It is good to see Reidun & Steiner Romseland again.  Almost all of the folk who attended the bauta event in 2004 were there to enjoy one another's company again.

This is a good picture of Berit & Sjur who took us for the great road trip just the day before (see Sep. 14 album).

Signy pours coffee for Einar & Anne Nora.  You can see the platter of famous Norsk open-faced sandwiches.

Here is a close up.  What a variety -- and so very tasty! A culinary work of art!

Then come the cakes.  This marzipan topped beauty was presented to Peg who is obviously quite pleased.

This colorful and gorgeous confection was as tasty as it was beautiful.  We lost count of the numerous desserts.  They were fantastic!!

Sonja Sirnes, (lower left) the daughter of our late, good friend Rotraud encourages Einar to cut the cake.

The initial flurry of eating is past and folks begin to walk around and visit.  Such a comfortable and relaxing group of people.  We feel very fortunate.

Peg brought a California Poppy candle for everyone.  Ivar Lygren opens his here.  Ivar had traveled from Stavanger & combined this reunion with a hunting expedition with Håkon.

John chats with Berit and Sjur.  All three are now retired and they have many other things in common.

Signy & John Hettervick are neighbors with Reidun & Steiner Romseland. More than that, they are good friends & have had many other travels together.

This group portrait of Peg & Keith with Sjur, Berit & Ivar turned out pretty well.  It was a great evening that we will remember very fondly.

For this special photo op, Peg stands between Einar & Anne Nora, while Keith stands between Håkon & Norfrid Dagsland  (Einar's youngest sister)

Peg gives a big appreciative hug to Reidun.  While somehow they escaped being photographed, several ladies brought their scrapbooks this evening. They were truly works of art commemorating their experience of coming to California for the Bauta project.

Keith, Steiner, & John take a turn for the camera.  We are grateful to these fine hosts and the opportunity for this friendly gathering.  Rich memories were renewed. We highly value the strong bond between us all resulting from this shared experience.

Lastly, we thank the all-time champion of event coordination -- Signy -- our Hostess Extraordinaire. She made it look so easy.  We were not her first American visitors from California this year.  

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