Friends In Norway Prepare to Travel to California

For the bautastein dedication in May

    Presented here is a photo album of some of the folks coming from the Rogaland area of southwest Norway to the Napa dedication.  Thanks to the planning work of Peg Wheeler, they will enjoy some touring in northern California before and after the big day in Napa.  

    Other Norwegians planning to visit for this occasion, not pictured here, are listed below.   Some other expected guests are also listed below.**

Back in November 2003, Einar & Rotraud Slogvik are ready with their passports. They will follow the monument stone from their farm to see it dedicated in Napa.

Three of Einar's sisters decide to come to Napa & join with him in the trip planning in November.

A very special Christmas present, Einar shows off his Rogaland bunad (regional folk costume) that he plans to wear for the dedication.

February 2004 see travel planning continue in the Slogvik home in Tysvær kommune, Rogaland fylke, Norway.

On April 18, 2004, many of those planning to come gather at another home on the Slogvik farm, the home of Einar's cousin Sjur Slogvik & his wife Berit.

Over a dozen friends and family from the Tysvær area gather in Berit & Sjur's lovely large living room to discuss travel plans.

No true Norwegian gathering would be complete without a spread of attractive & delicious food. (from left: Steinar's shirt, Helga Halleland, John, Signy, Liv, & Jorunn)

Left to Right: Reidun, Berit (standing), Steinar, John, Liv, Jorunn, Sjur (standing), Ivar Lygren, Håkon Dagsland, Norfrids red/white sweater, Einar

Here is a close-up view of a most magnificent cake in front of Helga & John. Our mouths water!!

The "Tysvær Singers" practice for their Napa debut (Einar, Helga, & Ivar).

Packing treasures to bring to California are, from left, Liv, Jorunn, Reidun, halv of Steinar, Signy (standing).

Signy is now ready with the suitcase as she makes Berit laugh near Berit's front door.


Tysvær Cultural Officer Ingvar Frøyland

Manager of the Stavanger Emigration Center Hans Storhaug

Popular Norwegian singing star Hanne Krogh and her husband Trygve Sundbø

Engineer/"cousin"/historian Gunleif Seldal and his wife Kate from Kleppe

Rotraud's daughter Sonja Sirnes from Nord-Trøndelag

Writer from Egersund, Hans Gustav Andersen.  

Representing the Royal Norwegian Government, Norwegian Consul General & Head of San Francisco Mission, Are-Jostein Norheim.  

Pastor Audun Erdal from Stavanger, presently interim Vikar of The Norwegian Seaman's Church in San Francisco.  

NEWS FLASH! Also coming will be Norway List friend from Odda, Hordaland, Knut Hildal

**Other Special Guests Coming long distances: From B.C., Canada, a Madland family member - From Florida a descendant of Jacob Slogvik's sister Malene (who lived with her husband on South Askeland farm before emigrating) - From Wisconsin, Blaine Hedberg, Fellow, Gerhard B. Naeseth Chair for Genealogical Research and Publication -  others ??

From California: Close family friend and Norwegian Kven descendant - A Rosdail Slooper descendant - Other Slooper descendants - others to be confirmed and listed later ...

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