Southern Trinity Class of 2004 Adapts



Introduction ....with a close comparison study of the film and script, students deleted, added, and otherwise massaged the original story by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken to fit their own abilities, talents and interests.  The result was a delightful performance rendition that totally captured the audiences of the two benefit dinner plays. 

Mrs. Wheeler, class advisor and English teacher introduces the cast.

The story opens on Skid Row with wino, Brian  Fraker playing his perfect character.

Chorus members, Marie Gaylord, Rachelle Ellis, and Malissa Powell sing the opening number.

Their arrival at the back of the room added dramatic appeal.   

Audrey, played by Brittany Bowen, arrives late to work with a "shiner."  Mr. Mushnick, (Randy Newell) gives her a ration.

Chorus as urchins, lead the number, "Downtown."  

Seymour Krellborn, ably played by Addison Ashton-Boyd, pleads for a way out of Skid Row.

The group sings the final strains of "Downtown."  

A passing customer (Brian Fraker) stops in to ask about the "strange and unusual plant in the window."

Seymour (Addison Ashton-Boyd) explains about the total eclipse of the sun as chorus sings DaDoo in window.

Audrey (Brittany Bowen) tells the urchins why she can't leave her no goodnick boyfriend.

The chorus, Malissa Powell, Marie Gaylord, and Rachelle Ellis listen to Audrey's tale of woe.

Michael Patterson as Orin Scrivello DDS proudly tells the urchins about being a dentist.

Orin encourages Seymour to take the "little avocado" and turn it into a goldmine somewhere other than skid row.

Audrey II (J.R. Powell) TALKS to Seymour about bringing on some GRUB!!!

Brian Fraker's Sicko plays the all too willing patient to Michael Patterson's dentist.

Seymour finds himself an altogether unwilling patient of Orin's when he goes to the office to "86" him.

Audrey and Seymour confess their love to one another. 

Mr. Mushnick expresses his suspicions to Seymour about the "mysterious" disappearance of the motorcycle dentist. 

Audrey II gets ready for lunch as Mushnick looks for his day's cash receipts.

The chorus accosts Seymour about his sudden success and his future.

Mrs. Luce, Brian Fraker (yet again) propositions Seymour with promises of his picture on the cover of LIFE.

Seymour tells Audrey I of his plans for their future together.

The dying Audrey offers to sacrifice herself to the plant to ensure Seymour's ultimate success.

Seymour reluctantly grants Audrey's request.

The cast prepares to sing the final number "Don't Feed the Plants"

Entire cast sings their finale. 

The finale as the plant "eats Dinsmore"

Special thanks to Chris Ashton-Boyd for lighting and Seth Maybee for sound.

Mrs. Wheeler shows off the puppets Audrey II #1 and #2 which she made after #4.  Students J.R. Powell and Seth Maybee made #3

Here is a view of #1 and #3.  She says the only thing more fun than making the puppets was watching it all come together in the final show.  

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