Play Cast Party - June 5th, 2003

The now veteran actors meet at the home of Mrs. Wheeler on the Mad River to share food somehow related to their role in the play.  Good food and socializing was enjoyed by all.

Debbie & Peggy visit while the cast starts to prepare a strange breakfast!

Brian (foreground) helps himself to some SOS prepared by Malissa and Rachel 

Randy, the grape juice guy, also has some SOS while Malissa cleans up.

The brownies smell good.

"Betty Crocker's" finest brownies prepared by Britany aka Audrey

Time for some cast members to enjoy the cool morning & warm food on the deck.

Addison (L) finally gets to eat after spending most of the time at the stove preparing "small fry" potatoes.

The last group portrait for posterity!

Homebody Keith gets some waves as Debbie pulls out with the last van load headed back to So. Trin. High.

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