Sons of Norway FRAM Lodge 13 pays tribute to the famous Norwegian polar exploration ship, the Fram, our namesake.



    The Fram was built in Norway and launched in 1892.  This 3-masted schooner (with auxiliary steam engine) was built specifically for polar exploration.  It was designed and built to take the rigors of extreme polar weather including being able to withstand being frozen in the polar ice.  It was known as the "strongest vessel in the world."



    It was used in the following important expeditions:

    Because of these expeditions, the Fram also became know as "the ship which had sailed the furthest north and the furthest south."  After a period of disuse, the Fram was restored and preserved in a large A-frame building on the Bygdy Peninsula in Oslo.  This is the popular Fram Museum which is open to the public today.


    The Wikipedia article on the Fram can be accessed by CLICKING HERE.  For photos, videos and information on the Fram Museum's web site see: 


    The photos of the Museum were take by Fram Lodge members, Peg & Keith Wheeler, during their summer 2000 visit to Norway (click to enlarge):


fram_mus1.JPG (31671 bytes) fram_mus2.JPG (33751 bytes) fram_mus3.JPG (62690 bytes) fram_mus4.JPG (78498 bytes)
The Fram Museum enclosing the polar exploration vessel  Another polar exploration vessel, Gja, in front of the Fram Museum Aboard the Fram Looking up from the deck of the Fram toward the peak of this A-frame building