Sons of Norway, Fram 13's Cemetery Plot, Ocean View Cemetery, Eureka, California - Memorial Day weekend 2015 (22 images)
    Located near the southwest edge of Eureka, California, this large plot in Ocean View Cemetery was purchased over 100 years ago by the local Sons of Norway's Lodge "Fram 13".  See Fram 13's Cemetery Page for more history & details on this unique plot.

     Memorial Day is a special time for this burial place for Norwegian-Americans.  On this occasion, the Norwegian flag is flown with the US flag on either side of the permanent black granite "bautastein" (monument stone).  On the Friday before Memorial Day weekend, Social Director Pat Ponnay obtained and placed lovely yellow lilies at each of the graves.  Fram 13 members Peg and Keith Wheeler visited the cemetery on Saturday and Monday to take these photos.  They were joined on Saturday by President Judy Thode and Doris Hickerson, and on Monday by Pat Ponnay and Carol Daniels.


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