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Notes on Anders Anderson Slogvik (1812-1891) from interview with Kåre Slogvik, 12/26/2001.

[Anders was Jacob Anderson Slogvik's younger brother and Keith's great great granduncle. After Anders' brothers and one sister emigrated to America and his one remaining sister married and moved away, Anders took over the Slogvik farm.  Anders was known as one of the Quakers from Tysvær and was frequently in trouble with the Church and authorities because of his religious beliefs and practices.]

Kåre relates the following stories that were told to him by his father, Peder Bernt Pedersen Slogvik (1897-1967), and considered reliable word-of-mouth history that was passed down by family members and other local folks.  Anders Anderson Slogvik was considered a very “original” (special/unique) man.  He was not considered crazy, but just special.  When the military came to draft him, Anders sat down on the stove in his underwear and refused to go.  They were so confused about what to think about him, that they had to return without him, for they could not take a man in his underwear (no war, only regular military service).

When Kåre’s grandfather bought the land from Slogvik, the trees were very large.  So large they had to get a larger saw in order to cut them.  It is told that Anders would not cut trees from his own land.  One time he found some in the sea and asked the neighbors if it was theirs and if he could have it. 

The potato planting underwear story:  It was a warm day and Anders kept taking layers of clothes off.  When he took off his trousers, the maid who had been helping, left the place.  He apparently was known for going around the farm in his underwear.

Once when the sheep ate his grain, he was so insulted, he slept in the boat barn for a week because he was so angry he did not want to meet anyone. 

There was a story about Anders being very generous when funds were collected to contribute to anyone getting married.  He had a reputation for being charitable and for contributing to community causes. [This is supported by other historical writing that mentions Anders.]

 Kåre only remembers the stones from the old Quaker house.

[The original old Slogvik house (where Jacob & Anders were born) was located where Einar and Rotraud's home now stands.  Anders moved this house to a site above where Kåre  now lives.]  Kåre  remembers the old house.  It was a bigger house originally.  In 1946 they tore down part of it on the north side. In the northeast was a part built from stone.  They had a ram stay in the house.  The northwest part was used for pigs  In the southwest part were the hens.  Kåre’s sister was responsible for the hens when they were all young.  She counted them regularly and knew they laid about one each a day.  Once Kåre and his brother played a trick and imported eggs from a neighbor and the sister was very excited about the sudden increase and the indication that the hens were laying more than one egg a day.

Attitude toward Quakers in the area as remembered by Kåre:  "the people had great respect for them.  It was only the priest that troubled them.  They had a reputation of being very honest – no cheating." 

[For more information on Anders and his wife Brita, CLICK HERE.]

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