Name:                     Anders Andersen SLOGVIG1

Sex:                         Male

Father:                    Anders Knudsen SLOGVIG (1775 - 1848)

Mother:                  Anna Jacobsdatter FIKSTVEDT (FIKSTVEIT) (1769 - )


Individual Facts

Birth                       1812                                                        Slogvik, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway

Death                     1891 (age 79)                                         Tysvær , Norway

Burial                                                                                      Stakland, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway



1. Berte (Brita) Sørensdt STAKLAND

Birth                       1817                                                        Skjold, Rogaland Co., Norway

Death                     1891 (age 74)                                         Tysvær , Norway

Marriage                                                                                Skjold, Rogaland Co., Norway


Notes for Anders:

Birth: [Age given in the 1865 census was 51 which, if correct, would indicate that he was born about 1814.]

Burial: [Buried beside his wife in Quaker graveyard south of the old Stakland Quaker Meeting House.]

General: "Married to Berte (Brita) Sørensdt Stakland (b. 1817, d. 1891) in Skjold. He bought the farm from (his sister Inger's husband) Jens in 1842 for 400 dollars and gave a promise of pension to his father.  Anders was mentioned in the tax rolls for 1851 and 1889.  In 1875 they fed a horse, 5 cows, 2 heifers, 22 sheep and 6 goats as well as 3 sheep they kept for others.  They sold 3 1/2 barrels of oats and 4 barrels of potatoes.  Anders was a Quaker and very giving when people came begging at the door.  They had the old farmyard on the hill above the houses on today's farm 7.  Here you can still see marks after the houses and their kitchen garden and the houses were then moved up to the upper farm yard where farm yard where farm number one now is.  Anders and Berte had no children and they gave the farm to the Quakers (Society of Friends) in Stavanger in 1890.  For a time they (the Quakers) rented out the farm but in 1900 they sold to Peder from the neighbor farm Vagen.  He paid 4,800 kroner and with payments of 320 kroner.   - Anders was brought before the law for his Quaker beliefs."

He is listed in Slogvig,Tysvær, in the 1865 census (#1158) as age 51 along with his wife "Berthe Sorensd." (#1159).  It appears that at this time he owns 1 horse, 6 cattle, 30 sheep and quantities of oats and potatoes.  Two young female servants or maids were living with them, Kari Olsdtr., age 18, and Anne R. Paulsdtr., age 14.

For more about Anders, see: Notes on Anders Anderson Slogvik (1812-1891) from interview with Kåre Slogvik, 12/26/2001.


Notes for wife, Berte (Brita) Sørensdt STAKLAND:1,2,3

General: She was the daughter of Søren Erikson Stakland (b. 1791) and Kari Eriksdtr. Kringeland (1791-1868).  She was the older sister of Elias Sørenson Stakland who was a noted Quaker and "was imprisoned in Norway for short periods in five successive years during the 1860s for refusing military service."  This Stakland family was noted as being "strong in their loyalty to Quaker testimonies.  The family experienced more oppression and ostracism than perhaps any other." (Tjossem, p. 34)   Berte and her husband were also early Quakers and suffered persecution for their religious beliefs and practices.  She is buried beside her Quaker husband Anders in the north edge of the small Quaker cemetery on the Stakland farm.

Listed with her husband in Slogvig, Tysvær, in the 1865 census as "Berthe Sørensd." age 48.




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