4. Floyd Randall GILES (2)(3) was born on 1 Mar 1896 in Freemont, NE. He died on 16 Feb 1972 in Sherman Oaks, CA. He was buried in Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills, CA. He was Methodist. He was from a relatively poor family. He was 10 or 12 when his mother died and he was sent to live with his uncle on a sheep ranch in Wyoming. His older sister was Eva. He had one year of high school (although some family data indicates achieving a high school diploma). He played the violin well and was invited to play at the Midland College orchestra. A bicycle accident injuring his left hand left him unable to play further. He taught himself Morse Code and how to type. He was the youngest telegrapher ever hired by Chicago Northwestern Railroad out of Central City, NE (1914). In the 1920s he worked as a Pacific Fruit Express clerk in Omaha, NE. He served in the Fremont National Guard (Signal & Hospital Corps) on the Mexican border at the Poncho Villa uprising. He married Florence and they raised three boys. He was an estimator for W. G. Humphrey Construction Company for 25 years, building water treatment plants, water pipe lines, storm drains, and municipal projects. He sometimes flew on business trips amassing something of a 100,000 mile record in the old Ford Trimotors. He had to postpone a scheduled flight, later learning that it had been the fatal flight of Knute Rockne, famed Notre Dame football coach. In Los Angeles during WWII, he went to work for Peter Kiewit and Sons Company as an estimator or "estimating engineer." When he retired at age 70 it took three engineers to replace him. Even after retirement, he continued to work as an estimator for contractors. He also was active in the Barbershop Quartet Society. He died 6 mos. after a stroke at age 76. As a recovering stroke victim, he was able to join in elegant harmony when another patient began "I've Been Working on the Railroad." Tony Kurtz data gives: "Education: High School Diploma" and "Religion: Methodist."

He was married to Florence Marie WRIGHT on 15 Apr 1917 in Femont, NE. Some family information indicates a marriage date of April 25.

5. Florence Marie WRIGHT (2) was born on 25 Feb 1894 in Superior, NE. She died on 25 May 1975 in Studio City, CA. She was buried on 28 May 1975 in Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills, CA. She was Methodist. She was a petite woman and the middle daughter; her sisters being Eunice and Faye. Her family was fairly affluent. She did well in high school. Worked in a millinery shop in Fremont. She married Floyd on April 15, 1917. She raised three sons. Her occupation is listed as "housewife." Her husband traveled with his work quite a bit. She had live-in hired help to cope with the chores of raising three boys. About 1937, she suffered a broken back while riding in an automobile over a severe dip. She spent some time in a hospital and continued recovery at home for nearly a year. She was an avid bridge player and had a very active social life. When the boys were married, she is remembered as always bringing gifts and doing other thoughtful things. She loved to iron and when visiting her daughters-in-law, would often do the family's ironing. In her later years she had a problem with unintentional over-medicating. She died of complications from kidney failure.
Children were:

child i. Robert "Bob" Vincent GILES(2) was born on 15 Apr 1919 in Central City, NE. He died __ ___ 1995 in ____________, __. He was buried in ____________, __. Bob's education is listed as "high school diploma" and his religion as "Christian." His occupation was "steamfitter" or pipefitter. He married Elizabeth "Betty" Jayne Cobry on 27 Apr 1941 at Rolla, MO. They had 4 children: Virginia L. (b 16 Oct 1942); Robert V., Jr. (b 27 Apr 1944); Mary Kay (b 21 Feb 1948); and Carole Marie (b 11 Apr 1959). A heavy drinker and smoker, he acquired asbestosis.
child2 ii. Richard "Dick" Warren GILES.
child iii. Kenneth Wright GILES(2) was born on 18 Jul 1925 in Omaha, NE. He died __ ___ ____ in Germany. He was buried in Germany. Occupation: First a reservation clerk for United Airlines; then insurance salesman for Jefferson Standard; worked then with Pioneer Insurances in Germany for 30 years. Married "Nicky" Nicholson; they had two children: Bradley (who married Mary ______), and Elizbeth "Betty" (who married Roger Cimorolli). He is believed to have divorced Nicky and remarried "Inga" in Germany. Kenneth later lived with Gisela_______ for eight years until her death. He lived about a year longer.

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